” INTELLIGENT DESIGN ” ~ proof that God exists?

wisdom of the cosmosHello friends, been a couple of months since my last post…….LIFE………has a way of making its own plans for an Individual!! ~ ’nuff said!!……. so today I would like to delve into subject matter that is weighing heavily upon the scientific and religious communities at the moment.  As usual, I have my own opinion (smiles).
In this country, since its inception, there have been only two major competing theories, or hypotheses, that have squared off against one another, regarding “The Origins Of All Life”.  CREATIONISM and EVOLUTION.  Evolution is the scientific argument. (Darwin), and Creationism, which is the foundation for All major religions.  Then, as human endeavor into the unknown, (or human curiosity) took us further, we came upon “Intelligent Design”, which for us as laymen today, we’re coming to know as a new course study being taught to our children.  Basically, it states that ONLY an intelligent power can explain the complexity and diversity of our immediate environment, as well as the entire universe……….. and THAT ~ is backed up by indisputable scientific proof.  ~ After having researched “the proof” of this matter, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to disagree.  The proof IS astounding!
As I began delving into the physics of this subject matter I was completely blown away at the sheer magnitude of coincidences that it takes to promote life on a planet.  In fact, mathematically, it is near impossible to have this many coincidences occur on one planet to promote life as we know it.  Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Bill Nye ~ “The Science Guy!”………” I am just a speck of sand, and the Earth, in the cosmic theme of things, is just another speck, and the sun, an unremarkable star, nothing that special about our sun, is just another speck, and the galaxy is just a speck, amongst still other specks, I’M a SPECK on a speck, born on a speck, among still other specks, in the middle of specklessness!! ~ I am insignificant!! ~ I SUCK!!!! ” (LOL)”……… Now even though this a humorous quote, it is still deadly accurate when it comes to summing up just how small a planet we are in the middle of this incredibly vast universe that we call home.
The question among all other questions, in the eyes of the scientific community is this ~ Where is the place that man occupies in the vastness of all of nature and what is his relationship to, and with the universe? ~ a question posed by Thomas Henry Huxley in 1861 that we are still grappling with to this day.   Darwin’s theory of evolution, pretty much, said that humans were no more special or unique than any other living creatures.  In my mind it’s a pretty scary thought to think that humans are just some accidental design.  But then Carl Sagan backed up that idea with his VERY influential ideas about the development of the “COSMOS”.  In which he iterated “…..essentially, the same laws and constants are required to make a rock..” as to make human beings. ~ Carl Sagan 1994.
Now I can understand how these conclusions were made……. most of us would have come to similar conclusions , given the information presented to us.  But the world of technology has changed ALL of that.  Our understanding of the universe and the planet Earth’s place within it has come to incredible heights of scientific understanding, so much so, that even scientists are agreeing that something “greater than our understanding” designed this galaxy to promote life on Earth specifically.  The entire universe is based for carbon based life, which we are, and from that springs higher based life forms that utilize oxygen, which we do, ~ THAT is the view of EVERYONE in the scientific world, including Astro-biologists, and those at NASA etc…… Carbon only exists in a specialized set of temperature ranges like those on our planet…….. these temperatures are found nowhere else in our galaxy.  Now given these special set of temperatures our planet was then seeded with “the stuff of life” which comes from stars, of course stars are suns that eventually go Supernova and send life giving atoms out into the universe.  When you look into the sky at night and see the brightest star…. it’s because that star is soon to go supernova…….. and…….. if those stars didn’t go supernova at precisely that right moment in the universe…….. the entire universe would collapse……… so there is a poetic ballet constantly occurring in the heavens that provide perfect harmony for carbon based life-forms to exist.  And if the ballet was altered in any way, we wouldn’t exist.
Now consider this, and of course all of the above and what I’m about to say is all a part of “Intelligent Design”, the abilities of the human brain “far surpasses” any other mammal on planet earth……
(1).  Our mathematical skills…… far surpass anything on this planet
(2). The physical design of the human larynx…… allows humans to utilize a far greater range of vowels and syllables than any other known mammal on our planet
(3). The human hand is better adapted than any other appendage known to man, to manipulate it’s physical environment
(4). The use of fire, which only humans do…….. opened the initial doors to technology as we know it today
(5). Humans are literally located in a unique place in our galaxy allowing us to see further into space than any other known planet……. there is no better location……. self-reasoning and potential are able to be realized BECAUSE of our location in the galaxy

These are but a few of thousands of “coincidences” that the scientific community has “proven”. And in doing so, are coming to the realization that there must be some kind of Intelligent Design involved.  Inhabiting a home that seems to be prepared specifically for our benefit……… the GREATEST discovery of the 20th century was our realization of the unique fitness for carbon based life and beings like ourselves to exist at all……… the human form is something significant in the cosmic order…….. it’s NOT just haphazard or accidental…….. it is crucial to the entire design as we know it to date.   It appears as though the cosmos was created specifically, for human life.  Now with that in mind ~ consider the ramifications for religion in this newly discovered, and scientifically proven information.  It appears as though something created this universe with some kind of intent.  When we consider that idea alone, we must concede to the idea of “The Creator”………. could it be that the idea of, and for lack of a better term, God is truth?  I leave to you my friends………I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it!!………… cheers………tony xo




thinking clearlyHey guys, I have been getting so many hits and inquiries about my earlier posts about this subject matter that I thought it prudent to share more and reiterate some of my earlier thoughts and experiences with PRECOGNITION or Second Sight.  Firstly, the main argument that you get from skeptics about this innate ability is that science hasn’t proven that it possible at all.  That argument is ridiculous.  I have traveled the globe in search of truth for many, many years.  From the pyramids at Teotihuacan to most power points on the globe and in doing so I have spoken to thousands of people who, in EVERY instance, have agreed that they know someone who has had a dream that has manifested in reality, AFTER having had the dream.  THAT is the foundation for the proof that PRECOGNITION exists, and will become more and more prevalent in mainstream media discussion as time continues to push the evolution of the mind and its unlimited metaphysical capabilities.  Have you ever had a friend who says suddenly, “Wow! I just had Déjà Vu!!  I dreamt that I did this before!”?  It is quite common for the mind to feed a person information about future events or places using paranormal means.  Most commonly, in the form of dreams.  But what I find so fascinating is the fact that ~ even the people that stand firmly behind the belief that it is impossible to glimpse the future, also have a grandmother or crazy aunt that they know to have had these precognitive dreams(and believe that they are being truthful) and then STILL go out into the world each day, professing that “It is NOT possible”.  Society has so conditioned people to be a follower that they would rather lie to themselves and others, rather than be embarrassed in the face of public scrutiny.  Here’s a simple fact that no one seems to care to discuss.  Of course I am speaking of the common layperson and not Parapsychologist and etc…………. the fact is that in every single culture on the face of the earth, within their histories, legends, and lore, which all derive from storytelling being passed down for thousands of years, there are VERY profound examples of people with precognitive capabilities.  Now remember that we are talking about cultures that didn’t even know the others existed at the time.  So to ignore such an obvious commonality is quite simply ignorant.

Personally, I have been trained in various advanced meditation techniques and explored others that are dangerous to many, all in the search for truth.  That being said, I am obviously writing from a point of view of literally “knowing” that this ability is alive and constantly being researched by some of the leading minds in Universities and “Special Studies” groups the world over.  The idea that PRECOGNITION exists ~ is already a proven fact.  It’s just that people who truly possess and use this ability well, DO NOT advertise the fact for all of the obvious reasons.  They would lose their personal freedoms and be used by governments and criminal organizations ~ their lives as they know them to be, would be over.  We’re not talking about those who have precognitive dreams here ~ which are the most common, we’re speaking of people who are trained mystics (or seers), those who can experience future events in their waking state.  This way of seeing the future is MUCH less common, but it is also more likely to be capable of being directed by conscious intent.  If you were to train your intuitive senses (through meditation etc.) to grow in strength, it WILL become easier and easier for you to access a precognitive state. For the average person this only occurs in the dream state because they are not consciously aware that they even possess the ability, much less ~ have any clue about how to access it.  For a professional psychic or a trained amateur, it IS possible to focus on specific future events using a number of different techniques ~ AND ~ accomplish this while fully awake and aware, making it much easier to recall information as opposed to the dreamer who quickly loses information upon awakening.loving yourselfAs with all types of metaphysical abilities, there are many doubters, even though many average people who do not consider themselves as “psychic”, HAVE experienced precognitive dreams.  Still there remains those who will argue with you, until they’re blue in the face, that PRECOGNITION is fake.  The really sad part about all of this is that the people who have had these dreams are indoctrinated into believing that it is simply a bad case of stress or some other “common malady” that fits their present need to explain it away.  Even skeptics have trouble disproving this ability……. and their MAIN argument is ALWAYS that science has not yet proven it’s existence.  Silly isn’t it?  A lack of scientific corroboration is NOT proof that something is fake! It’s just a lack of proof.  I say it’s silly because most of this planets population believes in their own version of GOD ~ but science has yet to prove that God exists.  So, what does that tell you about science? 

           Here’s a direct quote for your consideration, “…..experiments have been conducted in precognitive dreaming at the sleep laboratories, of the Maimonides Medical Center, in precognitive hallucinations and visions.  While such experiments have produced some suggestive evidence for PRECOGNITION, they have been somewhat limited to studies of selected participants, and have involved procedures that can be too expensive for other researchers to replicate, or too complex to theoretically interpret.” ~ HEY!! ~ I leave it to you my friends, is there something going on that we simply don’t have access to yet from our own leaders?  Personally, again, I have trained with teachers who are capable of SO much more……… try a sensory deprivation chamber for yourself, and see where your mind is capable of taking you………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it!!………….. cheers…………T xo


the sunHey people, ~ most of you are well aware of the fact that I have been dealing with some heavy duty issues when it comes to the death and dying thing so I would like to broach that subject in a minor way here ~ at two in the morning, after having just yesterday decided to keep this blog going for another year,  Frankly I was ready to say bite me and just stop writing here but ~ once again ~ the heavens prevailed by bringing some hope to my most precarious place in this world.  So now that we know I may live through this friggin’ nightmare of late… I’d like to speak to the creativity that I have been focusing on lately because obviously I haven’t been writing on my blog…… but…….I have been writing with a vengeance on Cosmofunnel.com…….which is a site for poets and painters where I just this evening posted my 921st poem…….. that’s right…..921 poems and I seem to be getting better at it because I’ve been published poetically twice in the last year without making any effort whatsoever….. but that’s the way it is with poetry……. No one’s in it for the money really….. just the inherent artistic value………. in other words….. poets normally starve to death before anyone recognizes their stuff.  So with that VERY upbeat introduction, please allow me to present to you a recent piece I wrote when I thought DEATH was still an imminent factor in my life’s equation.  It has to do with the passing of time and the kindness one expects during those most dire of circumstances.  It’s entitled “Pray Time Will Be Kind” and when I wrote this I was angry and upbeat at Death’s prospect….. but always somewhere in the back of my mind I thought death may be some long awaited relief as well…. because living with chronic pain and appearing relatively attractive on the outside can be terribly misunderstood by those who love you most.  They look at you and assume that it’s O.K. to invite you to the local pub because you “LOOK” good….. never thinking for a moment just how threatening that proposition truly is…….. because until you live with pain killers and the threat and temptation of narcotics alone, you really have NO CLUE what you’re saying to a person who lives with chronic pain…….. so no pointing of fingers here….. just the hugs and kisses that I would have and certainly would dole out if I were in the opposite seat in the cockpit…….

By: Tony Taylor

Beauty is but as a flower
Which wrinkles and is devoured
By times brightness falling from the sky
Like princesses, in their youth do die
I, am sick, and aware that I too must die
Yet I pray, that time, will be kind
For fond are life’s lustful joys
Death proving them all but toys
And none,  from heavens arrows fly
But still I pray,  that time, will be kind
And allow me, a dance or two
Before the arrows make me bleed
Bringing me home, to the new
Where in a heavenly serenade
I am joined anew
By angels,  I am unfamiliar with
Alone, in a promenade continued
From a life before
From times kindness
And the brightness
Falling from the sky…

Tony Taylor.  (Chicago)


contactHi guys!!…….so have you seen this movie?……I want to speak about this movie again because I’ve gotten some emails about my original post so let’s talk about it.  First of all you know I had to write about this one be cause of the Metaphysical implications and the Spirituality involved but what about the potential for discovering alien life?  Like Carl Sagan said and Jodie Foster delivers in the film as well when looking up into the night sky, ” Well if there isn’t life out there somewhere, it sure would be an awful waste of space!”  It’s hard to disagree with that quote in my opinion.  When you think about the enormity of the universe it would be kind of naive to believe otherwise………but……..then there’s the argument that is rocking the world of science today.  What’s the argument?  Try Stephen J Meyer’s book “Signature In The Cell” ~ DNA and the evidence for intelligent design.  That book and a LOT of my recent research has been making my mind a sponge ~ soaking up everything I can find on “Intelligent Design” and I have found it to be a serious argument against the idea that Aliens exist ~ but lets get to the film first for those of you haven’t seen this amazing film.  Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey are perfectly cast in this movie as lead characters, love interests, and opposing forces in what is one of the best films on the potential for alien life I have ever seen.  The intricacies of this movie are so compelling that I’ve actually watched it, all the way through, 7 times.  I just adore Matthew McConauhey’s character ~ Palmer Joss ~ He’s just my kind of guy. (hope I’m spelling McConaughey correctly)  Joss is a spiritual man, open minded, a degree a Theology or as he calls himself “You could call me a man of the cloth, just without the cloth.  But, he’s not the only compelling character here ~ Tom Skerrit, James Woods, and Angela Bassett all give stellar performances as well.  But there is no doubting that this Jodie Foster’s movie.  Carl Sagan wrote the book and was the driving force behind getting this movie made.  His wife also played a big role in its initial concept in 1979.  The film finally came out over 20 years later in 1997, surrounded by controversy and law suits……..but regardless of all the side-show antics it went on to gross over 170 million dollars at the box office, and deservedly so.  It is a marvel to behold in every aspect, from special effects to dialogue.  It is dripping with talent and skillful manipulation of the medium of filmmaking.  Brilliant is NOT a big stretch where this film is concerned.contact the movieThe film opens with Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) as a young girl being encouraged by her father to explore the stars and use a short-wave radio set-up to “Contact” unknown people and to listen for the indiscernable sounds of the Universe.  Her relationship with her father is the driving force behind her character.  She grows up and eventually joins the staff of SETI.  (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)  She gains a VERY big reputation for being a rebel and outsider of sorts.  Under the pressure of a threat to shut down SETI she works day and night searching the skies, until the inevitable happens.  She discovers a signal repeating a sequence of prime numbers apparently sent from the planet VEGA.  This announcement causes the National Security Council to attempt to take over control of the facility.  But it all becomes irrelevant when the signal she found is shown to have buried within in its context ~ of all things~ Adolph Hitler’s welcoming address at the opening of the very first Olympic Games in 1936 Berlin.  As you can imagine” All Hell Breaks Loose” from that moment on.  Then the incredible is discovered………interwoven just beneath the surface of the signal is over 60,000 pages of technical drawings and schematics that reveal a machine that can,  inside a pod, transport a single occupant somewhere in the Universe.  At which point the race is on to see who will be the person to represent humanity to wherever the transport might take them.  I’m sure you can imagine a LOT of what happens next but I can’t ruin the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. A Lot of people were disappointed with ending of this movie….I was NOT………..but I am a seeker by nature……..I have spent my entire life in pursuit of the truth about this reality………so NOTHING seems to far fetched to me……….but I will say this………that the scientists currently working at and through Cambridge in the UK are all coming to a conclusion about the theory for intelligent design vs. the existence of alien life forms right now……….during these very days in which we are now living……..that will blow away the global thinking of religion and Science alike…….so be prepared my friends………..it’s not our planet that is in a LOT of trouble here……….it’s human understanding that is about to undergo major upheavals that will lead to the healing of the planet and the exploration of our galaxy………..in my opinion, this movie is a MUST SEE film……..if not only for its stimulating conversation after having seen it………..I am Dartanion2 ………and That’s the way I see it…………..peace……….T xo


ascending kingEver since I was a young boy I knew that there was a God.  The Universal Creator.  After some negative experiences with the church I have been searching for some form of physical proof of God’s existence ~ and that search has led me to ENERGY ~ in all of its forms.  For me, it was the complete understanding of it, the physics of it, the daily applications of it, the undeniable and total understanding of ENERGY, that sealed forever in me, my unshakeable Faith in God!  In studying the physics of it, you come to learn that EVERYTHING in the Universe is made from energy.  The key facts about energy are these ~ Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It is Immortal!!  The total amount of energy in the Universe today is the exact same as yesterday or a million years ago.  It is everlasting and simply changes or transforms into different manifestations as time or evolution see’s fit.  We, as human beings, are one of those manifestations.  In other words, WE, ARE, ENERGY!!  Everything in your vocabulary is a form of energy.  Water is energy.  60% of your body is water.  Look at a small portion of the big picture ~ the foods that we eat depend, ultimately, on plants capturing the Energy from the sun through a process we call photosynthesis.  Even fossil fuels (like petroleum) are the remains of ancient plants.  So, you can see where I’m going with this, for the lay-person.  ENERGY is everything.  Now take that a step further and you’ll begin to see what I’m trying to convey here.  If energy is everything, and we are energy, then that suggests that somewhere within us, within ourselves, are the answers to any question you can imagine.  Because the storage capacity of our DNA is infinite.  So the evolution of all things has been recorded and stored within ourselves.  Nanotechnology and quantum physics are proving this, to an extent, every single day.  The interesting is that abilities like advanced meditation and “The Third Eye” are beginning to make a lot of sense to people now because science and technology are beginning to prove their worth.  Which is one of the reasons I began this blog ~ because Metaphysics will soon be proven scientific fact, and once that happens ~ the belief systems of millions and millions of people will be profoundly affected ~ changing possibilities into realities.  Potential into fact.  Myths and Legends into truths.  Metaphysics into science, and ALL of the gifts like Premonitions, into practices.  Spiritual advisors will become on par with doctors in wealth and stature.  War will become less gruesome and more deadly.  But the one thing that is difficult to see in all of this change/evolution is the most important thing of ALL ~ The consistency of God….
Along with greater understanding of our Universe and of ourselves, we will gain a greater understanding of our relationship with God…….. It is an absolute imperative.  Such a boom in technology and cosmology cannot possibly be controlled without God……. because……. without God in the equation we would surely destroy ourselves and our planet right along with it.  Without faith in our own limitless potential there is no reason to use such tempting gifts for GOOD!!  Without good intentions as a foundation there comes, ultimately, War!!  With the kinds of advances in technology and cosmology that the world is currently experiencing, a third world war would destroy most of humanity VERY quickly.  There are many Bible scholars and Historical scholars alike, that preach that the coming of technological leaps and bounds has been predicted and has been repeated throughout human history as the bane of the existence of mankind.  That there have already been other human societies that have reached this level of human technological advancement, and that those societies have vanished from the face of the Earth!…… But…….. what has NOT happened……… is that the entire human race has never been united and informed about all other cultures, and the intimacies of their spiritual beliefs ever before.  If we can unite the entire world in its belief in “One God” for ALL of humanity ~ then the possibility of war is dramatically reduced…….. and the potential for understanding our own immortality becomes the forefront of human endeavor…….. and THAT is the beginning, the foundation, for a lasting peace on this Earth!  The whole thing is dependent upon the understanding of the immortality of ENERGY!!  Because everything we are…….. and everything we know……… is ENERGY!  Energy my friends, is the key…… to ultimate understanding……… and profound faith!!……….I am Dartanion2……..and that’s the way I see it!!……… cheers……….T xo

“E.S.P. & METAPHYSICS” (saving the planet)

Featured Image -- 1962Extra sensory perception (a subset of Metaphysics) is what I’d like to discuss today.  ESP has been around so long that we, as human beings, have forgotten how it became a working part of language itself.  I agree with FREUD (1856-1939) who theorized, “…that Telepathy may have been the original method by which individuals understood one another. (Then) as a better means of communication evolved ~ one that could be readily intelligible to the sensory organs ~ the original, archaic methods were pushed into the background of the subconscious where they may still persist, waiting to manifest themselves under certain conditions.”
This hypothesis of FREUD’S, is one of the most astute to come out in support of Metaphysical potential from the world of Science.  It is currently, glaringly obvious to Psi researchers the world over, that some individuals are able to draw on their latent ESP abilities.  Some gifted individuals are even able to make regular and practical use of their, seemingly rare, vestigial organs and potential.  Mother Earth is crying out to us for protection, rainforests dying, the scarcity of water on this planet is fast approaching, the polar caps screaming to us to take some action.  We are currently living in the times the FREUD theorized about.  It will be men and women from every culture and country who’s abilities will be called into play, and not for any other reason than ~ “Human evolution has reached a point of critical mass.”  We must continue to evolve with masterful intentions and singular purpose!!  That purpose?  To save our mother, to save our planet, or to once again, like so many times in our past ~ find our civilization (as we understand it today) DESTROYED! ~ because Mother Nature will do just as any other living organism would naturally do…… Attempt to save itself by creating Earth Changes and controlling the virus which is threatening its existence.  In this case, much like many of our past “Great Civilizations” ~ Humanity is the virus and our only hope is to negotiate with our host……. and we can only do that by manifesting our true spirituality, or that which we refer to as ESP or Metaphysics.  We MUST communicate with our host and our host is our planet……. or……. Mother Nature herself.
YES!!  I AM aware of the implications of what I’m suggesting here, ……Extreme doom and gloom at its core ~ BUT ~ we ARE endowed with abilities to control and manipulate energy…. We’ve proven this fact over and over again ~ Man on the Moon, the original DNA model by Crick and partner, the Internet……. If you had mentioned such a thing to someone in the 1500’s you would be hung for heresy.  So please, remain open minded and take a look around you.  Our planet needs our united Love and devotion…….. and in this humble man’s opinion, for most assuredly I am no scholar….. but…..I am capable of being involved in the search for truth.  The fact that I feel deep inside the minds eye of my personal meditations and intuitive Metaphysical experiences that have been compiling themselves over the past 30 plus years……..EVERYTHING is pointing directly at helping those with extraordinary abilities to come forward, for they certainly are not boasting about their gifts because it would be a type of social suicide for someone so beautifully gifted……. these gifted individuals need no explanation for what I am suggesting here…….WE need you, and if by some extraordinary coincidence you have found your way to this precise post on this most out of the way blog……… could it be that it was NO coincidence at all?  It’s time to start believing……..I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it………. cheers……….T xo

THE SOUL ~and the recognition of life force

angel in the darkOur faith, our beliefs, come to us in moments of recognition and in those moments we find that we place more importance on those “epiphany’s” and “out of body experiences” than any other moments of our entire lives.  We use them to guide our lives.  We say to our closest friends ~ “here’s something I haven’t told anyone else in my entire life!”……..and in those “pass it on” moments our lives actually do mean something.  The most profound moments of our entire lives are passed on to another soul with whom we find we have an affinity for or with.  We give up the past to the ideal listener in order to move onto that thing we call hope. We find way’s to explain hope in such random and “per chance” type conversations that we fail to recognize that hope was actually born in those small moments of epiphany’s and out of body experiences even though when they occurred they were the most important things to ever have affected us.  And so, we pass on through the rest of our lives speaking of our hopes and dreams and strangely unaccepting of those most powerful moments when we actually opened the doorways to the soul and the profound wisdom of the metaphysical.  Why is it that the soul remains so separate from our acceptance of the unfairness and cruelty we find in most of our waking hours in this lifetime?  We “hope’ and yet we forget that we were “gifted” in profound moments of realization.  Why are we unable to remain in those moments?  Why are we so transfixed on the mundane and  cruel repetition of our lives?  We get up each day accepting of the idea that we must do our part by contributing our time to someone else’s dreams and ambitions?  ” Why do men fee that the natural history of man has never been written, but he is always leaving behind what you have said of him, and it becomes old, and books of Metaphysics worthless?” ~ This last quote and previous ideas are not my own they are thoughts and ideas I have learned from a man named Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ one of my Hero’s in this life.  He helps me think beyond myself.  He helps me consider from afar, that which is near.  Or, to place myself on the moon and then turn my head back to look at this earth and what is happening upon it, the huddled masses doing the same things day in and day out, like ants in an ant farm.  From that removed point of view our lives can appear unimportant but the lesson to be learned to here is NOT that.  It is in the recognition of the life-force of the beings walking on the face of the earth for when you consider life from a distant perspective it becomes blatantly obvious that the life-force inside of men is descending into it from a place that we do not, yet, understand.  There is no book or University to explain to us where our life-force from hails from.  We constantly acknowledge that within our daily occurrences and coincidences in this lifetime of ours that there is a higher place or origin of the totality of things and yet we do not explain them, we simply accept that there is a heaven, or a God from whence all things stream into us, into our soul.  Our soul, that place we know innately is there and yet, once again, we cannot explain it.  We do however, recognize the common heart we all share, the commonality of Love and it’s most pure and pristine example of humanity’s goodness.  It is of this pure bent of our nature that every man, at some point in his life, is profoundly aware.  The SOUL circumscribes all things,  freedom, power, Love…..it abolishes time and space.  It is the soul where re all things are born. There would be no existence without the soul itself for when we think about it or write about it ~ it is the only word that man has no understanding of ~ and the reason that it is truth is because of it’s link to the life-force (or spirit) for which we have no comprehension or even words to describe it……….so like Emerson when we sit up on the moon and look down at the planet earth and the beings inhabiting it we can see an energy linking them all together but we cannot explain where that stream of life-force or energy (spirit) streams from, hails from, comes from……….We as human beings have been given an incomprehensible gift that unites us all as one and yet we live our live separately and consider ourselves more important than one another.  I think that which has created us all would be VERY impressed if we could understand the strength we could find in the unity of that which Emerson termed “The Over-Soul” and put it to some good and loving, utilitarian use  The soul is the most profound thing ever to happen to the known galaxy, perhaps its time recognize it for what it is and then get on with the business of finding our creator.  ….I am Dartanion2 …….and that’s the way I see it………cheers ……tony xo


metaphysics, myths, and ancient civilaztionsI have spent over four years now in my room, my apartment, and doctor’s offices, with occasional visits to the grocery store and nothing more.  During this time I have had thousands of hours to reflect on my life and my approaching death.  I have written and read and researched poetry, physics, metaphysics, and my belief systems cry for the truth about God.  During this time, four people that I know well ~ died!  As I grow older I realize that I will know more and more people to die and those deaths have driven me to know truth.  And I understand that the only truth I can possibly know intimately is my own.  As I begin reflecting on my life I think to myself how much of it I have just wasted ~ just thrown away ~ but as I become more honest with myself I come to realize that none of what I have done or , not done, is all equally important.  Because my life has been spent with other people and how we affect other peoples lives we never really know the whole of.  It came to me through another Emerson quote that it is me, it is my own self worth that truly matters.  Emerson’s quote,  “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”  Do I understand that I am good person in the depths of me, do I approach my daily challenges selfishly?  Do I put others before myself?  When I asked myself those questions the answer was no and yes.  I am selfish when put under this type of scrutiny but there are times when I do things for others that are truly kind.  But at the same time I think to myself that I have done something good so where is my reward.  That still adds up to me being selfish and as I grow older I try to do more good things because I am selfishly trying to please that which I choose to call GOD.  And so Emerson’s quote begins to play a greater and greater role in my thinking ~ “NOTHING is at last SACRED but the INTEGRITY of your own mind.”  It’s in my mind where I lie to myself, where I keep hidden the lies I have told others, where I shake at the idea of my own death, it is in my own mind where I must learn to like myself.  No one else can do that for me.  We bring to life what we can and we see only that which we bring to life.  The beauty of the world and books belong to the eyes that see them.  It depends on the persons busy life if they ever even have the chance to recognize the poetry or the importance of a thing.  As we grow older and the more death becomes a part of our life, the more we begin to appreciate.  For me, it is my belief system that I am working hardest at.  I have always loved people and believed that most people are inherently good and so now I am on the biggest quest of my life………..preparing myself for the most honorable death my personal belief system will allow and in doing so I pray that I learn enough about the origins of life and Love to be able to pass on what I have learned to those I love personally and any other person curious about my VERY specific beliefs about God and humanity. Today I can honestly say, I like who I am, and I am excited to wake each day with the potential of learning a new piece to this puzzle we call life.  My heart is filled with Love for I am truly blessed with the VERY special people in my life and the unshakeable belief, and profound faith in the unfathomable idea of God’s existence.  My experience in this reality, as well as your own, is the most rare and precious energy in the entire universe………..I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it!!………cheers….T xo


metaphysics and the moviesThe day I had my very first lesson in Meditation and the reason that it was so symbiotic and natural to the course of a person’s life, was a day I shall never let go of worshiping and casting a gentle eye toward the heavens in quiet gratitude for.  It changed me in a split second of self-realization.  I knew ~ I have always known (although I pretend that I don’t) that I was given a gift of NEVER quite fitting in with everyone.  What I am trying to convey is much more complex than that simple sentence so allow me to elaborate as I write this “off the cuff” for you today unexpectedly ~ Life has a way of doing the unexpected.  Don’t misunderstand, I have some pretty impressive social skills it’s just that I never quite liked the idea of showing my hole card to anyone, today, I will show one.  I was in the John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts, Washington DC, when a co-worker, a young black woman who was studying at Georgetown University, asked me if I’d like to join her for a “quick meditation” after work.  I told her that I didn’t know anything about it and she told me it didn’t matter it was just a relaxation technique that she had learned to help her with her crazy-busy life.  I agreed not knowing that what was about to happen would change my life forever.  She called it a white light meditation.  We found a quiet spot, not hard to do in the Kennedy Center, especially when you work there, where we sat comfortably and she told me to close my eyes and begin to find my comfortable breathing.  I assumed she meant just to breathe normally when she asked me to close my eyes and look for the light.  I had no idea what she was talking about and she knew it, because she said quietly, ” just continue to look at the inside of your eyelids and the light will come. ” I didn’t speak ~ I was afraid I’d interrupt her practice so I followed along when suddenly I could see a light.  I said I can (and i’ll never forget this) “I can see a lavender light.” she didn’t speak.  So I followed the light.  It was a dot in the vast darkness.  I continued to focus on it and it began to grow and seemed to move toward me.  She whispered, “Let the light turn white.” In a few moments it did.  She whispered again, “Follow my voice, let the light come to rest above your person like a little sun and then watch the bottom of it open.  As it opens, it begins to pour down inside of you,  first, filling your head with a light that feels warm, comforting, helping, healing, energizing, and as it begins to work its way through your neck and into your chest area repeat the words, comforting, helping, healing, energizing, purifying ! ~ into your legs now, helping, healing, energizing, purifying, until it fills your entire body with warmth, helping, healing, energizing, purifying !”~ my entire body felt so wonderful I was in Love.  I was in love from that very first encounter with the power.  When I opened my eyes she was looking directly at me.  She hadn’t kept her eyes closed at all.  She had been guiding me through my first white light meditation.  She smiled and said ” Tony, no one see’s the lavender light on their very first try.  You were born with something very special.”  After that she stood and wrote something down on the back of a business card.  I thought she was trying to sell me on a course in meditation or something, but she wasn’t.  In fact, I never saw her again.  When I asked about her at work they said her studies wouldn’t allow her to work any longer.   That was all.  The business card that she had given me was for a book shop in Georgetown near the University.  It is named “YES!”  Yes book shop.  On the back of the card she had written the words ~ “you should frequent this place my friend!.  Hugs – Cleo “…..and I did for several years, getting books on everything from TM to Edgar Cayce………she and the shop, and the moment of lavender light had changed me forever.  It has led me to the ability to use my third eye in meditation’s now and to call up the warm feeling ~ that encompasses me and holds me in its Love whenever and wherever I need it.  Of course I’ve left out a WHOLE LOT of learning and experiences to get from the lavender light to the “Third Eye” but I needed to share this with you so that you will be able to begin to comprehend my back story ~ because~ I’m going to go into some pretty heavy duty shit coming up in my posts soon and it’s important that you know that CLEO was not just an accident or a coincidence of some kind………she’s so much more than that.  She knew then, 36 years ago that I’d be writing this post right now.  Hard to believe?  Hell yes it’s hard to believe.  I had no intention of writing this post last night, but, when I woke up this morning………well, guess I better save something for the upcoming posts, right?………..I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I began learning it!!…………smiles………T xo

Metaphysics and my search for God…

metaphysicsWhen I was a boy I wanted to be a priest.  My Mother tells me that I went to the Church all the time ~ anytime the doors were open just to be in there.  Not for years or anything like that but there WAS a period when it was important to me.  I grew up Catholic so I did the whole first communion, catechism,  confirmation thing.  Somewhere inside of me I have ALWAYS known there was a GOD!!  Singular.  One God for all people with just different names according to culture.  But as I got to my 12th Birthday I was convinced that the Catholics didn’t have it right, I mean the intent was right but the practice was lacking.  I gathered this by a few disappointing occurrences in Church itself.  Things that made me ill to consider or even mention here.  I was a boy and it scared me.  So, ever since being disappointed I have been looking for God, mind you I had no idea that “searching” was what I was doing, I was just exploring to my mind, but no matter what it was that I was doing, or participating in, I ALWAYS found side trips to power places, tribal rituals, meditations, magic, pyramids, ruins, etc ~ all over the world.  I ALWAYS wanted to know what was “behind the curtain” kinda thing.  So I worked in a magic shop, I was a tour manager taking Europeans around the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  I was in bands traveling the country, writing songs and lyrics and constantly writing poetry my entire life.  I worked at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington DC and as the National Symphony orchestra would rehearse, I would sit in the “Presidential Box” smoke a joint and write poetry.  I have done Sensory deprivation chambers, Mushroom Ceremonies with Indians in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, Followed Carlos Castaneda’s path through Pima Arizona and into Mexico to meet the Yaqui Indians with the successful introduction to some shaman who taught me how to achieve out of body experiences and on and on ~ all the time looking for the man behind the curtain.  I simply had to know if there REALLY was a God!  I had NO IDEA that throughout my travels around the world, and every state in this country that I was taking notes and documenting, in different ways, everything.  Poems, stories, songs, magazines, and EXTRAORDINARY acquaintances.  So when I got sick 4 years ago I found I had Notebooks filled with information.  All of it seemed to be aimed at spirituality and Metaphysics.  It was then I decided to write a blog since I had accumulated so much material.  I was actually in shock when I realized that I had a definitive goal in mind.  Metaphysics and Spirituality leading me to that which so many of us refer to as God.  Now, for the very first time in my life, I know what I want to do.  Also, I actually like myself for the very first time.  I actually get up every day needing to write and do research.  I have been housebound for the past three years so I have had a LOT of time to catch myself up on the missing reading and research needed to declare that I will be getting a degree in Metaphysics, and finishing my first book.  I have already written over 800 poems at my work-station COSMOFUNNEL.COM ~ if you care to read some of my work there in the poetry section of this creative site for painters and poets under the name Tony Taylor which is my given name, I completed three new songs for Dan LaMaestra and The Naval Jazz Ensemble which plays for the White House, I have completed 150 poems for a book of poems entitled “Cherie’s Inspiration”, been published in two spiritual books on poetry and completed over three hundred posts for this blog  ~ which concerns itself with ENERGY and Metaphysics.  The reason for the degree in Metaphysics is because along with that degree you receive Clergy Credentials which will allow me to get on the waiting list to get into The Vatican Library ~ one of my big dreams……Ultimately I hope to be able to speak to people about energy and God.  My book is already outlined and I believe with these last three years of daily writings I am ready to publish a book revealing some extraordinary metaphysical experiences, life as a Mulatto Man, and relationships with a number of “very recognizable” actors and musicians and various Hollywood types.  I am writing this now , off the cuff,  because I want my sons to know in case anything goes wrong with my health issues…….but the whole truth is ~ it’s something I really need to do for myself as well.  I have found my path in life ~ I am a writer………and brother ~ have I got a story to tell………….I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it…………cheers…….T xo