I started this blog because I have come to a place in my life where I need to see that which cannot be seen by the human eye, by any means necessary. Sensory deprivation chambers, primal scream, pure energy and, of course, film. I know. Why is film in this group of words? Right? Well, allow me to explain myself. I have spent a large part of my life in pursuit of answers to those bothersome questions like…..Who am I? What happens to me when I die? Why do all religions seem to spring from the same well?…stuff like that. And this pursuit has taken me around the world and to every state in America. From having a mushroom ceremony with Indians in the mountains of Oaxaca to speaking with a 96 year old woman for hours at the top of the pyramid at Teotihuacan. I have asked similar questions to Holy men, celebrities, scientists, artists, philosophers, and everyday people from around the globe. And I have found a common thread that runs through all of these conversations about the aforementioned bothersome questions. Calm reflection and intense focus that lead to the light and an incredible sense of joyous wonder. The kind of answers you get when you speak to people who have had near death experiences. Now, if you think about walking into a movie theatre and really focusing on what is happening up on the screen, you find that time has passed without you realizing it. I can’t help feeling that I have benefited somehow each and every time I see another film. It’s like going out and gathering up other people’s experiences and storing them away for winter. You have just gained an epic experience in a matter of 2 hours. Doesn’t this make you wonder about how incredibly capable human beings are at learning at alarming rates? Well, for me, as a lover of film as well all things metaphysical, it seems that this movie experience is very similar to focused meditation. And if my travels have taught me anything it’s that anything that is conceivable is possible. I know this sounds like a stretch but I will promise you this…….after hearing some of the experiences I have had you will come to understand where I am coming from. Even if no one ever reads this, it is something I must do. I can’t remember how many times people have said “you should write this stuff down”. So here goes….I am Dartanion2 and I have floated out of my body. It’s time to talk about the places I’ve been………the things I’ve seen……and the beauty that is us…….cheers!