ImageThis morning I was on the phone with a friend and I mentioned the movie 2001 and the response I got made me cringe. She said, “I don’t like those Star Trek kind of movies” at which point I began feeling sick to my stomach.   I mean how could someone put this movie in a category with ANY movie!  There is no category for this movie.  It stands alone. It has withstood the test of time better then any other movie, EVER.  Its scope and vision have not even been attempted since its arrival.  It is the single best experience in a theatre possible.  It is not a “space movie.”  It is a film about the evolution of mankind.  It is a prophecy as well as an option for what one may believe about God.  The first 2 minutes of this film, the screen is black and the music makes you aware, that what you are about to see, is about to transport you.  It opens with “The Dawn Of Man” and its interpretation of the world before man had gained “reason” and how the arrival of an object of God gave man the “reason” they required to survive.  It then touches on the subject of where man may be 100’s of years from now and the arrival of the God object again, on another planet, to reaffirm man’s belief system.  It is truly a magnificent film to behold but, don’t see it without a great sound system or killer headphones because the music is an integral part of the ballet that is this film.  It’s predictions of what technology would be in the future are now coming into world consciousness and this film is over 50 years old.  It is astounding that this film could have been made so long ago but, then again, ” Kubrick” is God when it comes to filmmakers.  So now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way let me tell you what happened to me as I watched this film………….It infers that men will develop a sustainable fuel source and that space exploration will be government business.  Now I don’t about you but as soon that idea, of a sustainable fuel source jumped out at me, my mind went into overdrive. What if we could develop a sustainable fuel source?  Think how the world would change.  We could fix the ozone and heal our planet and leave a great legacy for our children to build truth and honor upon.  We’d be able to build cities that could explore our galaxy and develop new resources for everything from metals to food sources.  As long as we were not hurting any other living things I see it as a part of the grand design.  The film is so thought provoking that the sense of awe you feel, as you watch it unfold, is unparalleled. I cannot speak highly enough about this film and the vision of it’s director Stanley Kubrick.   It is a light that shines in in the cinematic galaxy that only a person with no curiosity should ever miss. It is now,  the greatest film the world has ever produced.  If we had a film to send out to our neighbors in the universe, this film would surely be one of the possible candidates and most assuredly my only choice………..I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I see it…………cheers!