ImageThere are so many takes on what lay ahead for humanity that it boggles the mind and makes it difficult to find any clear cut, definitive answers.  I do however, subscribe to the notion that the human mind/spirit is evolving much, much quicker than technology.  Using that idea as a premise I do have some observations that seem likely to come to fruition. I do agree with Mr. Asimov in this;  “The future will be what circumstance, the human will, and human intelligence make of it.” Also, as any forward thinking individual will agree; ” our role is to survey the territory and conditions ahead of us so that humanity, in its travels through space and time, will have a better understanding of what to aim for and what to avoid.”  It is not new, this idea of colonizing planets in our galaxy for all the obvious reasons, like healing our planet by mining resources of other “uninhabited” planets.  I believe that this is inevitable and a big part of the evolution of technology. BUT, and here’s the rub, I believe that humans will develop their ability to manipulate energy to the point of being able to visit places throughout the universe without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.  We will be able to visit one another in our dreamstates.  We will be able to move matter with our minds.  We will be able to intuit any approaching danger.  We will unite as one people.  We will develop colonies beyond the known universe.  We will be able to bend space and time thereby making inventions like Transporters obsolete.  The capabilities of the human mind/spirit are limitless and rapidly approaching global recognition.  We will see people with “special” gifts walking among us in the very near future.  These people already exist, they are just not advertising the fact, yet………..

There are those that believe to put these gifted people on display is not only morally wrong but would undermine religion and governments alike. In other words, “The world is just not ready to embrace individuals with full blown paranormal abilities.” What do you think?  Have you ever met someone who just new when the phone was about to ring?  Have you ever met someone who could tell you what you did last night, because they dreamt about it the night before?……..Yep, I know………..it’s coming, and its coming faster than anyone expected.  It needs to be embraced.  It will ultimately be the saving grace for all humanity.  This innate ability to manipulate energy is the next major leap forward on the chain of human evolution. It cannot be denied.  If you look closely enough, you will see it for yourself.  And you will come to the same conclusion that I have come to.  We are beings of light and energy. And evolution is inevitable.  Put those variables together and not only do you reach some kind of cosmic enlightenment but you approach “Holy” understanding.  The roots of evolution and our relationship with that thing we have termed, “God”.

Listen to your open minds my friends, you know that this life is just a flight of stairs on the first floor of the golden tower.   We have so far to go and the urgency to do so is pushing forward the human condition,  After all, it is one of our base instincts.  The fight for survival.  And the damage we are doing to our planet has our evolutionary development racing forward at incredible speeds.  We will survive.  It is in our DNA…………………food for thought………….cheers