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ImageBefore I begin, I’d just like to let you know that my second surgery is now scheduled for June 26th, 11am….I met with the doctors this morning and we have identified a problem in my spine that is definitely contributing to the level of pain I’m experiencing with my Peripheral Neuropathy,  We think there will need to be a third surgery to remove some floating bone fragment as well……at least we are attacking the beast and there may be light at the end of the tunnel….thank you so much for your kind emails……(smiles)

                                           O.K., so have any of you seen the tv show “Charmed”?  With Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs etc?  Well if you have then you’ll know what we’re discussing today.  We’re discussing “Orbing” and “Scrying” both by products of, (my blogs main concern), ENERGY.  In the show, three sisters who were born “witches” but are unaware of the fact, come to a sudden realization that they have gifts passed down to them through their family history. Piper, can stop time.  Phoebe, can see the future, Prue, has the ability to move objects with her mind, and Paige has the ability to Orb.  They all of the ability to defeat demons and protect the innocent.  It’s a great idea for a show because (for me) they are always dealing with Metaphysics (YAY!!)..Aside from music, my favorite subject.

                                           The show comes down to this…there is a core group of individuals that come together to form an incredibly tight-knit family. And most of the plot lines revolve around the intimate relationships that evolve as they learn to use their powers (or gifts) and the morality involved in remaining unselfish in the use of those gifts.  In other words …”they cannot use their gifts for personal gain”, so they have to constantly monitor one anothers growth and charity as their gifts begin to grow.  The two specific gifts I’d like to touch on today are very interesting to me because they are not brought up in books or practices very often.  In fact, no one really believes that “Orbing” is possible.  Which means , of course, that I do believe that orbing is possible.  I am a true believer in human capabilities (as proven by earlier blogs of mine) and that energy is the common denominator in ALL things.  “Orbing” means that you can teleport yourself from one place to another without the assistance of any man-made devices.  Your body breaks itself down into pure energy, travels, and then puts the tiny bits of energy, “that are you” back together again.  The implications of this possibility are so far reaching that the subject really deserves a book of it’s own, not just a blog. On the show this ability is the driving force, or “saving grace” of their abilities.  Basically, it gets them out of a lot of jams.  Now, in my mind, I see this as being linked to “Astral projection” and the evolution of that gift then becomes “Orbing”.  What I believe is that we will see people who can teleport objects with their minds before they have established their belief system to the point where they can take the leap of faith into teleporting themselves.  And I do believe that it will be a single individual to first take that leap of faith.  Oh what a day that will be.  I really hope I’m around to see it. Listen there is so much more to say but my nurse has just arrived so I have to cut out.  I will post this and then try to get back to it later today, depending on how my meds are affecting me today,  Please let me just say that if you get a chance to see “Charmed” (it’s on Netflix) you should start with season 1, episode one….to really give it a fair shot.  The show gets better and better as it goes…..especially after Paige joins the Power of Three.     anyway, if you give it a chance you may find it as engrossing as I do. It ran for eight seasons so its definitely got teeth……..take a chance,,,,,,,,it really is “Charming” in this viewers opinion…….cheers for now…