ImageSo, have you guys seen the movie, “Phenomenon”, with John Travolta and Forest Whitaker?  We’re talking about this film today because it deals with subject matter that is unproven (in humans) but accepted by most people as fact.  Also happens to be on my personal list of “films to see”.  The film deals with unexplained phenomena and specifically with, Telekinesis.  This topic is probably the most popular in all of Metaphysics and certainly the most studied, faked, and misrepresented throughout human history.  What’s great about this movie is that it humanizes telekinesis and makes it clear that people are always afraid of what they don’t understand , but when seen through the eyes of a friend, how that fear can become accepted and appreciated, by those that we know and love, no matter how outrageous the reactions of others. It also inspires some very serious questions about the potential of the human brain.

Lets start with the definition of the word, ,,,,Phenomenon; any observable occurrence however common it may be.  The more modern definition;  any incident deserving of inquiry and investigation, especially where the “unusual” or “out of the ordinary” is concerned.  One of the most extraordinary phenomenon’s, ever to face scrutiny, is “phantom pain”.  Over 70% of  amputees report this phenomenon of phantom pain or limb sensations like itching or prickly sensations even though the limb has been missing for years.  This defies “typical” logic and has been baffling the fields of Science, Medicine, and Physiology for decades.

In the movie, George (John Travolta) comes out of his birthday party at night and looks up into the sky where he see’s a strange light. The light gets brighter and comes charging at him and knocks him off of his feet.  He rushes back into his party and asks everyone, but of course, no one has seen or heard anything.  During the film he discovers that he has been transformed into an “off the charts” genious, with telekinetic powers.  He begins reading and absorbing books at remarkable rates (six or seven per day).  He learns to speak Portuguese in twenty minutes, stuff like that, and, of course, he has the amazing ability to move objects with his mind. Now, to me, what is truly amazing about this ability is that, not only is it possible, but it already exists today.  Mankind has already developed advanced computer programs that are capable of reading human brain waves.  A user of this technology can use a cursor or digital graphic with only the power of their will.  These programs were developed to help quadriplegics use a computer and can actually move the cursor at will, thereby making it possible for people to use computers without physically touching them.  That, by definition, is telekinesis.  Or more aptly termed “manufactured telekinesis”.  The fact that men designed this makes it easy to foresee that not only will humanity be able to develop their own telekinetic abilities but that the day has already arrived.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie, George is talking to his girlfriends two children and the little boy asks “You came here to die didn’t you?”  George explains to them with an apple, “If I drop this apple on the ground it will spoil and disappear in a few days. But if we take a bite, the apple becomes a part of us, and we can take it with us, forever.  Everything, is on its way to somewhere, everything…..”  This movie has so many magical moments and memorable lines and unexpected twists that I would be doing you an injustice to reveal them before you’ve seen the film.  There some great reveals concerning the human brain and its potential as well but, I really want you to see this movie……………..tele= remote or long distance………kinesis = movement or motion…..telekinesis is here my friends, and it’s here to teach us things and lead us into the ever-changing world of, ENERGY……….see ya …………t xx