ImageThe movie “Premonition”,  will not be the main topic of this post,  The film is confusing to the term itself.  First of all, the movie has the lead character (played by Sandra Bullock) jumping around in time which is confusing for a number of reasons, but mostly because the movie is inconsistent in it’s ability to “stay on track” with it’s time jumps.  It’s been written about many times and I am not here to discuss the inaccuracies of movie making so, suffice it to say, the movie is all over the place.  But I AM here to talk about Premonitions as a subsection of Metaphysics.  The movie does have some things about it that add to a persons understanding of the topic, but mostly, it muddles it~ for reasons that only Hollywood could explain.  So it is obvious to me that the movie makers were not intending to convey factual information.

The word, Premonition, is often confused with “precognition” or “prophecy”, all of which, fall under the category of ESP or extra sensory perception.  So please allow me to simplify the definitions of these words, because if you look them up, you will find overly complicated wording that makes it difficult to separate them.
1.)  Premonition:    Acquiring information about future events that is perceived as emotion; or a “feeling”  that  something is about to happen, usually something dire.
2.)  Precognition:   The acquisition of future information, that cannot be deduced by our normal senses, and is based on facts and details that are obtained from dreams or visions. (non-emotional)
3.)  Prophecy:   Can be the same as the other two, but the source of the information is attributed to God, or some supernatural source, and can be either emotionally or non-emotionally charged.                                                                                    Of course, all of these are sub-categories of ESP, and eventually all come under the heading, “Metaphysics”.  Duke University has a well respected department of Parapsychology and have done some studies that have conclusively found that more than 60% of persons questioned, believe in premonitions and ESP.  However the scientific community does not agree, and for a very good reason.  It violates the principle of “Causality”. …….An effect cannot occur before it’s cause.  In my opinion (and my opinion is only that of a simple seeker of truth) science and Metaphysics will eventually come together out of necessity.  It is inevitable.  Thoughts are made of Energy and energy encompasses all things, including things not yet understood.
So, dear friends, when it comes down to “Premonition”, the truth is not to be found in the film, but in “Faith”!!  I am Dartanion2 ……and that’s the way I see it!!…….cheers…….t xo