ImageSo, have you guys seen the movie “The Prophecy” with Christopher Walken and Elias Koteas and Eric Stoltz?  It covers some “very” debatable material and needs to be discussed because of its controversial nature and the fact that people look at the truth and refuse to see it for what it is.  This argument has been going on for a LONG time. Most of the discussion on this topic circles around the “Bible”.  There are huge number of people who deny that any of the prophecies from the Bible have come to pass.  This a stunner, in my opinion, and is absurd.  In the Bible, Jesus says that his word (the gospels) will always exist and that it would be known all over the world.  Well, here we are, 2000 years later and the Bible is the biggest selling book of all time.  It is read and taught and studied in nearly every nation in the world.  Jesus is the greatest prophet ever known and is literally known to nearly every culture, as the greatest prophet on the face of the earth.  Now we could go on naming the other, nearly 1500 prophecies from the Bible, that have come to pass but, why should we?  It’s staring us right in the face.  Prophecy exists because it has been around and recorded as fact in nearly every religion or faith in the world for thousands of years.  People have been experiencing this phenomenon forever and then passing their experiences down to their family and friends for just as long.  And if you are reading this I am pretty sure that you know someone who has reported something along these lines, and you believe them because you know and trust them.  Sure, you probably dismiss your friends dream as coincidence because even though you found it a little peculiar, but he was never able to repeat it so there you have your reason for just filing it away as “odd”.  However, there is no denying the fact that these “odd” experiences are here to stay and are no longer thought of as some kind of heresy and is accepted as “my grandmother has some special gift” that we are proud to admit to each other.  So, why all the controversy?  Nearly everyone agrees that the coming of Jesus was a prediction and a miracle.  So why can’t we admit that “prophecy” exists?  Easy, because science cannot accept that something that the “laws of nature” cannot explain, is untrue.  What a load of horse manure.  We need to embrace it and learn to use it to help the evolution of humankind.

In the Movie, at the end there is a great quote I think deserves mentioning….”And in the end I think it all must be about faith, and if faith is a choice, then faith can be lost for a man or an angel or the Devil himself.  And If faith means never completely understanding Gods plan, then maybe understanding is just a part of it, our part, then that is what it is to have a soul and maybe, in the end, that is what being human is all about…..”  interesting quote, peculiar Movie, all of that is acceptable but what is not acceptable is that we are not admitting that we are still making movies and writing books and believing in grandmothers “visions” and then denying it exists.  The whole controversy is absurd.  Prophecy is here…..HELLO, McFly!?!!!!

I have a friend who’s daughter in-law was taken aback when she told her that she was pregnant and was going to have a son.  She responded by saying “that’s not possible” and of course she wound up being pregnant and having a son to their surprise.  But, what was really interesting was that my friend had written down a name, put in a box, locked it, and left it for her daughter in law to find after she had the baby.  She had given this box to her many months prior to the birth and upon opening it she found that she had named her son the exact name that was locked in the box, which she had in her possession for so many months.  My friend was not a magician she simply had a dream about her sons child.  Now, there are many stories like this one happening every day, you may even know one or two. Are we just going to deny that these are happening just because science can’t explain it?  I don’t think so. What about you?  In my opinion, the proof is simple, Jesus was this planets greatest “PROPHET”!!!!  Do you believe in God?…………Cheers…….t xx