ImageOk guys, I promised you a few days back that I’d keep you apprised, as to my condition.  Here’s the latest. (for you new folks, my disease Is called Peripheral Neuropathy).  Yesterday I underwent the second of three, Non-invasive spinal surgeries, at 11am.  By the time this day had finished, we had determined exactly what my disease was called and the area directly responsible for my declining mobility, and pain issues.  It was the most productive of my two year battle to fight this rare and debilitating disease.  At 11am I was helped into the operating room where I was layed, face down upon an operating table that had a hole in it at one end.  on that same side of the table are two arms that make the table look like a holy cross, these were to support your arms while you put your face into the hole.  Beneath the hole is an oxygen mask, as I looked at it, in my minds eye, I saw myself being crucified facing backwards. (lol)  The anesthesiologist then releases a chemical into the IV in your arm, and you fade into La La land as fresh oxygen fills your lungs.  When I awoke, I was in the recovery room, in a bed, with absolutely no idea how I’d gotten there.  It’s a strange feeling to gain a gap in your memory like that.  The entire operation took 35 minutes from laying down to waking up.  It consisted of 4 injections, by very long needles inserted directly through the skin and into the L4 and L5 discs in my lower spine, the objective?, to reduce the swelling causing the blockage of spinal fluids.  This we had thought was the cause of the chronic pain and loss of mobility in my feet and legs.  My feet are in so much pain that I cannot more than half a block without coming near to tears.  To stop the pain was first on the list.  24 hours ago we had received test results showing that the disease had spread to my hands.  Not good.  By the time I woke up, my doctor was amazed to discover the real culprit in this two year struggle.  Other Doctors had tried, none even had a clue.  Turns out that my disease is accurately termed ” Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy”.  If we hadn’t gotten those test results back when we did, it probably would have remain undiscovered.  The test that showed that the disease had spread to my hands also showed that the “Myelin” which encases the nerves, and is itself encased, has been eroding. Like a telephone line protecting the wires inside, it has two layers.  This “inner casing” is known as the “Myelin Sheath” and is the only perfect protection for the nerves themselves.  As this Sheath continues to deteriorate so will my ability to walk.  So, it was really NOT good news.  But, because we caught it now, we can slow the progression of the disease, hopefully keep it from disabling my hands and give me back what I yearn for….”Quality Of life”.  I will never be able to run again, but I “may” be able to care for myself without any assistance.  Eventually, I will lose ability to walk.  But who cares, we now know that I will NOT die from this disease. It can be controlled, with some serious effort.  I am so happy about my hands, I don’t know what I would have done if I could never play a Guit-box (guitar) again, or write again.  Even though it was Bad” news I am relieved to finally have some answers and the abilty to attack the True problem.  So, although there is probably two or three more pages of information I can share with you here, I must “jet” because, after all, I did just have surgery, and I have stayed up all night considering all of the approaching possibities, while dealing with the side affects of anesthesia.  I am so excited and relieved to be free of the unknown…………I will be ready tomorrow, with some more of what I am here for…..what’s that everybody?……you got It!…….ENERGY, the singular truth of the universe……….humbly,….I am Dartanion2………..cheers

P.S.  if you’re curious…..this disease is contracted by 2, in every one million people………..