ImageI know, I’m supposed to be writing about the Movies today but I have to tell you what happened yesterday, beyond my control, sorry.  When I posted yesterday about my experience throughout the surgery, within hours my  blog blew up with more hits (more than double) than my eyes could believe.  I was getting phone calls and emails from my friends and family, my family now includes a lot more than just my immediate family, so much so that I wasn’t able to get to sleep until about 10pm last night, that over 48 hours.  I know that part of it was I got some pretty distressing news from my doctor, and when that kind of thing makes me manic and I wouldn’t sleep anyway.  But, this was different.  I got so much love yesterday that I actually “feel better” today.  I mean I had know idea that I was touching on something so powerful.  I got an email from a woman in Bulgaria who had the same symptoms as me and she was so happy to know that she was not alone that she tracked me down and got my private email address, which I guess is not that hard to do since I have it on Facebook and everywhere, I mean lets face it I’m a pretty open book. But my point is that I started this blog for Metaphysics and the Movies because i”ve been searching for answers.  Most people keep saying “I know what you’re looking for, Tony” and it’s HIM.  God.  Well of course I am.  So is everyone, it’s just that everyone needs to find those answers for themselves.  Everyone has different ideas about what “God” is.  Some people are content just to never even consider the topic an issue.  More power to them, I bet they live contented lives knowing that they don’t control everything and have no desire to do so anyway.  On the other hand you’ve got people like me.  I have a very strong belief system that includes energy as being the ultimate doorway to enlightenment and God.  I had no idea that when I began blogging about my beliefs in energy and its ultimate answers that my illness would become such an open door to discussion…..I received 21 requests yesterday for more commentary on my personal struggle with C.I.D.P. (chronic Inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy) .  It took me all afternoon yesterday and into the evening to return all my my messages and phone calls.  Thank God I’m confined to my bed for long stretches or it wouldn’t have been possible.  SEE, see what I mean, God is in my life.  I just thanked God for my condition. I didn’t plan to say that.  It just is.  When you start asking big questions, like the ones I’ve asking, and being open about who you really are, then you start getting BIG answers. I am feeling so much better today because yesterday I was healed by your Love.  Now if that has nothing to do with energy, then I am an idiot.  Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that my blog is called “Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2” for a reason.  My undeniable faith in energy as the key to all understanding, my love of my son’s (that’s why the Dartanion, which includes my son Griffin to) and my love of the movies.  But it seems God has other plans.  So from this day forward I will be posting, twice a week on what my progress is, what new help and suggestions I have discovered and my personal insights where the topic of Peripheral Neuropathy is concerned.   I am going to finish this by adding that Inspiration, which I have found through new friendships and old enduring friendships,  have lifted my heart and filled me with a new sense of purpose.  I am going to trust God and try to look at what this blog is evolving into from ALL perspectives.  I would like to know everything I can about everyones particular take on GOD and Metaphysics and the  disease of Peripheral Neuropathy……..BUT I will not stop including films in all of this because its my love of films that brought me here.  And so, why do I now have the feeling that I have bitten off more that I can chew.  Oh well, it’s in his hands. I’m just like everyone else, I’ve got my own perspective on things and that is this.  The outpouring of love I felt yesterday was the most healing, wonderful, blessed feeling I have EVER had……..and I am a selfish man….I want more……..I will continue write what you have asked of me, to the best of my ability………….Hugs-n-Kisses………tony  xx            cheers