ImageToday I would like to open a new side of my self to you.  I spend many hours per day, per week, per month of late, writing poetry.  I have been writing songs, and song lyrics, for many years now as well.  At the behest of a few friends and fellow poets I have decided to share one here today.  I have over 100 poems posted at my workstation, available to anyone who cares to read at; cosmofunnel.com       Where I have many new relationships with poets from all over the world.  They inspire me daily and keep me moving forward in my pursuit of “poetry in motion”, or poetry that “moves” people to consider……….

                         Today I am sharing a poem that has gotten more responses than any other I have shared.  It speaks of the goodness and the strength of people, as well as those who use that strength, to promote their own selfish ends, and how that affects our society as a whole…………….

                  ACCEPTING GRATUITY

The nonchalance of boys who wait in hunger
And touch their toes to the dirt and do not look up
Are not giving way to the ruling classes
They are giving way to human nature
They will not grovel, they will not beg
But they will wait for darkness, to rummage through
The garbage bins
For they would rather give way to their hunger
Then bow down to other men
Who wear their evil arrogance upon their thorny
No!  You will not find them, on their knees as
Cowering clowns
You WILL find them, in line, at break of day
Waiting for opportunity, to pay their own way
Prepared to slave
Prepared to participate, in saving human dignity
Prepared through their own faith, and nightly prayer
I think these souls are more familiar, with common
More than most
For they are heavens army
Standing every post
Bowed heads, accepting handouts
That they return to other starving souls
One by one, they build this city
With honor and strength of will
I consider them
The very best of men
And the foundation upon which OTHER men
Accept gratuity……..

Tony Taylor

Poetry has been a part of my life since I wrote my first poem in first grade.  Words themselves, I consider to be one of the finest tools ever conceived of, to be respected for the power they carry, and the truths they can bring to light …………..