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ImageToday I am going to tell you of my personal findings with, and about, the ability to control your dreams.  I mean this literally.  The ability to take “control” of your dream, to the EXTREME.  Go to sleep, visit your friend in Europe, wake up the next day, call that friend on the phone, and tell them exactly what you observed them doing the night before, while all the while, you were at home in bed.  IMPOSSIBLE?….I think not………No tricks, no magic, no voodoo……..just hard work.
                       In order to gain the ability to control your dreams you must first “commit” to the idea that it will be a lot of work to accomplish the extraordinary.  The commitment cannot be taken lightly, it is an extremely time consuming process, but it can be done.  I know this, because I have done it, over a period of aboout16 months that nearly drained me of my confidence, and strength. What I am about to tell you was the culmination of my having combined Carlos Castaneda’s theories, well established meditation practices, and “faith” in the origins and suppositions of my own “personal” belief system. The crux, the crucial, the moment we are seeking here is, the moment just before falling asleep.  That fleeting moment before we actually fall asleep and lose control of the nature of our understanding.  In order to approach the “moment”  we have to gain an awareness of our entire being, which we accomplish through advanced meditation techniques.  
                         Now, because of time constraints, I am going to assume that you have some idea of what meditation is, and what it involves.  I am, however, going to speak briefly about my own choices concerning meditation but it must be understood that Meditation is a VERY personal choice and must be understood that one’s meditation practices have to be explored and accepted as “right” for the practitioner himself.  This alone can be a long an arduous task.  It took me over 3 years to find a perfect meditation sequence for me to become comfortable enough to develop the “faith” required to pursue this goal.  My journey began with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s practices on Transcendental Meditation, or TM as it is known.  From those teachings I added my own beliefs and practices learned from research and practice concerning the “Third Eye” which I have spoken of in an earlier posting on this blog.  All of that combined effort brought me to a place where I could slow my heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure after only 10 – 15 minutes of motionless meditation.  In an upcoming post I will be going into all of the health and psychic benefits of meditation but not here for obvious reasons
                           Here is the key to it all:  Your HANDS.  Your hands are the ingredient most important to this exercise, whether or not you have hands is irrelevant.  You need only be able to see your hands in your minds eye.  The idea is this (credit to Carlos Castaneda),  every night before going to sleep (for at least 6 months) you must “will” yourself into seeing your hands directly in front of your face, palms facing you, as you begin to fall asleep.  You must WILL yourself to see your hands in front of your face while your eyes are closed.  You will attempt this every night of the week for months before you ever get a result (at least that was my experience).  You will do this to the point of monotony until finally, one day, as you’re about to fall asleep, your hands will appear.  Your hands are now your “point of control”, you must never lose contact with your hands in this process or you lose control of the dream.  When you first begin seeing your hands, and you will do this many times, where your hands turn into butterflies and fly away or into something else which then leads you into your dream state and loss of control for the night.  Eventually, you will be able to stay with your hands and have them not morph into something else.  When you’ve accomplished this, you’re almost there.  Once you’ve established that your hands are your “rock solid” point of control you can begin to look at 3 other things in your room or environment in your minds eye, and then quickly returning to your hands before losing control of the other shapes or items you have just seen. Like this; hands, one, two, three…hands, one ,two, three……Hands, one, two, three and so on until eventually you can expand from 3 objects to 10 objects to 20 objects and then back to your hands etc.  So what you have created is the ability to control your dream environment by coming to your hands whenever you feel the scene is beginning to get away from you.  Then further down the road you can imagine your grandmothers house before falling asleep, with your hands as your point of control, and then delve into the scene of your grandmothers house right at the “moment” of falling asleep, except now you have your hands to control the amoebic nature of the dream state itself.  I know this all sounds a little “:OUT THERE” but I assure you it can be done.  However, this type of ritualistic focusing of energy and concentration can be extremely draining on the “waking state” of the practitioner.   This, is the ONLY reason I halted my pursuit of its mastery. In my case it was enough to know that it could be done.  There are other “holy” men I’ve met, that can, and do practice this “art form” to this day.  It is a lot to take in I know., but my point is a very simple one…..and I think you guys know what that is.  Correct?….Yes, ENERGY can be manipulated.  Energy is immortal and constantly changing.  Energy, can help us manipulate our dreams and take us anywhere we want to go.  What you do with this information, is entirely up to you……..BUT know this, scientists have found that there can be adverse effects for individuals with psychiatric or psychological problems facing them, when attempting meditation or dream control so be aware that should you attempt such an undertaking, you should proceed with extreme caution and supervision of a loved one and a knowledgeable practitioner or you could find yourself some place you do not wish to be……….I am Dartanion2…….cheers…….t  xx