ImageOK, I give in.  I get so many calls and questions about this “GOD” thing, that I have no choice,  I will give you my thoughts on the matter this ONCE, and that will be that, because surely there are those with more established credibility than myself.  However, within the confines of my personal belief system, I believe everyone can speak to this to this subject with personal experience and environmental foundation, and they can do just as well as anyone.  BUT, since it is relevant to so many of my postings on this blog, I find it a “reasonable enough” request to answer since the very nature of this blog is intimately related to this subject matter.
                           In the minds of most, God:  is the supreme being, the creator and ruler of the Universe, the principal object of “Faith”.  The entity that created creation.  God is the guy (or woman) you pray to, right after your house burns to the ground.  He has that incredible house where you can go and be forgiven for your sins.  God is omnipotent.  
                           One can’t prove that GOD is living, One can’t prove that GOD is dead…….Is man a fabrication, of GODS imagination?  Or is GOD a fabrication of man?  HUGE questions.  Men have been doing this forever………..

                            Now, please allow me to show you around the living room of my mind!   My personal take on this is quite simple, and for those of you who have been following this blog, you already know what I’m about to say, (I thank you for that).  I believe we should include both scientific understanding as well as spiritual understanding, when speaking on the subject of GOD.
                             We know for a FACT (through physics and cosmology) that it only requires 3 things to create everything in the known universe.  Those things are, MATTER (or mass),  ENERGY, and SPACE.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these are the building blocks of everything we know.  This was believed to be truth until our friend Albert Einstein came along and made it even easier to understand.  The absolute truth of the matter is (and this is what Einstein proved) that MATTER and ENERGY are two sides of the same coin.  Which leaves us with the beauty of it ALL.  There are only TWO things required to create the universe,  ENERGY and SPACE, and because we now know that Space is simply negative Energy we can quite easily understand that EVERYTHING is energy……THE ABOVE THOUGHTS AND SCIENTIFIC TRUTHS cannot be denied,  These are proven facts.  They are LAW.  There is no changing this law.  It just IS. 
                               My entire blog was begun because I wanted to point out, highlight, SCREAM OUT, that everything we are is ENERGY.  If you have been following my posts then you know I am not kidding.  I (Tony Taylor) believe that we are all beings of light and love, we are ENERGY in its purest form.  We are capable of manipulating this energy.  We are GLORIOUS beings of light.  We are constantly evolving through lifetimes of experiences, preparing ourselves through experience to get to a point where we are capable of comprehending the enormity of GOD.  Language (as we know it) is not capable of describing what GOD is.  GOD is unfathomable.  NOW HERE IS WHERE THE WRENCH IN THE ENTIRE BELIEF SYSTEM COMES IN!!!  FAITH……yes FAITH!!  Let me say that again…FAITH!!  This is why I believe in God.  Because I believe we are evolving beings of light or ENERGY.  We are evolving constantly in attempt to acquire enough “experience” to be able to bridge the gap (the place where time no longer exists) in a black hole, which is the only place where time does not exist.  It is beyond the known boundaries of our universe where we will eventually find, what we commonly refer to as GOD.  But, we cannot do it without taking the leap of Faith, to just beyond the point where time no longer exists, taking that mind blowing leap of FAITH………is the place where we finally sit down to converse, with………GOD!!     I am Dartanion2, and that’s the way I see it…………………t  xxx…………cheers