In America, today is “Independence Day”, the day all Americans rejoice in their FREEDOM. It is a day that is taken for granted as a day of glorious celebration, of a peoples struggle and victorious separation from that which might oppose the freedoms of all men. But in the rest of the world, this day is not recognized, or celebrated. It is just another day. A day when we ALSO take for granted that the “SUN” will shine. It is this mild mannered acceptance of the extraordinary that I would like to shed a little “light” on today. Did you know that the Sun is really a star? That when you look up into the sky, you are not seeing stars, but you are seeing suns, far, far, away? Have you considered the fact that without the sun there would be no such thing as freedom? I leave it to you. Did you know that the sun is 109 times larger than the earth? Did you know that the light from the sun, that we perceive on our skin today, has taken 30,000 years to get here? Did you know that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second? Easy stuff, right? Did you know that there is a magnetic field around the Earth to protect us from the Sun? Did you know that the Sun is providing us the “freedom” that Americans are celebrating today?

Look at it this way; Have you recognized that the title of this blog is “Metaphysics and The Movies According To Dartanion2?” and right after that sits a tag, that says….(in the minds of men)? Do you know why that is there? PERSPECTIVE. It’s all about perspective when you walk on this planet as a human being. Oh too often, we forget about that fact. The fact the sun provides us with everything we need, including the very air we breathe? And yet we still need to be protected from its enormity, its overwhelming presence in our everyday lives, and yet we hardly ever notice it. Did you know that this planet we’re on revolves around the sun? Of course you do, we learn that stuff in 3rd grade. We’re intelligent beings with educations, how could we not know those simple little things? And yet, we take the sun for granted each and every day. If we want to talk about freedom “REALLY” shouldn’t we include the sun in that discussion, because we are certainly slaves to its every whim. If the sun died tomorrow, life (as we know it) would cease to exist. So, where does the sun enter in to this topic of conversation you ask? Well, how about the fact the sun provides our freedom? Hmm? Tough one huh? Not really, I just wanted to bring to light the fact that, although here in America, it appears to the rest of the world that we are gloating in our “Freedom Loving Fashion”, we are not so arrogant as to accept that the rest of the world is celebrating along with us. We are well aware that the sun still has to rise tomorrow in order for us to continue our selfish, yet not naïve, ways of living. In fact, “The Sun Also Rises” is one of Americas great triumphs. The fact that it was written by Ernest Hemingway shouldn’t really matter, what really matters is that we are proud to be Americans and we don’t want that celebration to be a slap to anyone’s face. We just want to fire up the BBQ’s and toss back a couple of cold Bud’s and tell our children what we fought for when this nation of ours was founded. Not from a place of arrogance but from a place of desperate times. A time when freedom mattered across the known world, and although we made some HUGE mistakes, it’s still OK to celebrate what our forefathers fought and died believing in. That’s All. Nothing else. So, do you think the SUN will rise tomorrow? Who knows, after all, we’re all just big balls of energy trying to provide……..And, wherever you may be today; may the warmth of the Sun provide you with sustenance and a sense of freedom that can never be taken away……I am Dartanion2, and that’s the way I see it………t xx