I remember, as a child, sitting in church and wondering if angels are what we become after we die. I don’t know why that idea came into my mind, probably as I prepared for my “first communion”, a Catholic Church tradition that you go through as a child raised in a Catholic family. I remember going to early Catechism classes and hearing other kids asking about angels. As far back as my mind can take me their has always been the existence of angels. What if angels ARE what we become after death? There is a very strong argument for that belief. The fact that we are all energy, (and we know this to be true), and energy, we know, is constantly evolving, then why not the next step on the evolutionary process ladder, it could be that our next vibration as we leave our bodies is that of a divine nature? As we take our experience from this life into the next as we prepare ourselves for eventual return to greet our Father. Why not? It seems logical, in a way. Is it possible that angels of light surround us in an ongoing battle with demons, fighting for the rights of humankind? Fighting for the right to be there when we need them. It is a very attractive thought. The Vatican’s resident angelologist, Father Renzo Lavatori says,”God’s helpers are more like shards of light than the depiction that straddles the tops of Christmas trees..”, Father Lavatori has a lot to say on the subject, not a bad idea to google him if you’re so inclined. I found his statements to the world quite interesting. The Church is making radical changes in their views on this subject mostly because humanity is moving forward with this idea of angels. I remember quite clearly the churches take on this, Angels were messengers doing Gods bidding. The word itself comes from “Angelos”, which when translated, literally means “Messenger”. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT ANGELS EXIST? Of course it is. Otherwise there would not exist stories in at least one or two households on every block, in every community on earth. I have heard people over and over swear that they had seen something that could only be described as an angel. Haven’t you? Everyone knows these stories, in every culture, down every dirt road, throughout every age of recorded history. It is not possible for these stories to be fiction. Have you ever seen a person talk of seeing an angel? It is a sight to behold, and when that person is finished speaking you can feel in your heart that what that person just said was true. Almost everyone has been touched such stories. It is mathematically impossible for these stories to have been perpetuated for so long without common citizens physically reporting these sightings. Personally, (I bet if you’ve been following this blog you know what I’m going to say) I think that we are All beings of light and energy and that as such, hmmmmmm? Ya know what? I’m going to go with the peoples faces when they speak of having seen an angel. I believe in people. And if people are still reporting these experiences then by God there must be angels. Here is an official statement: “Angels are Biblical humanoid creatures, they are depicted as being powerful guardians and messengers of a supernatural being. Their existence is not supported by any scientific evidence.” Sure, easy for them to say. They just don’t have the balls to express truth in a pristine sense. We are all apprehensive about death. But when our lives are touched by an angel, then our fear of death disappears. Do I believe in Angels? Hell yes! I believe it is a truism! It is undeniable. I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I see it…………cheers t xx