ascending kingYesterday, I was having a conversation with a friend, and she asked me, just casually, what was the most influential book I’ve read, for me personally. I didn’t have to hesitate. “The Imitation Of Christ” written by an Augustinian monk, I call it my second Bible but, in fact, I reference it much more than I do any other book. It is the most insightful book I have ever read. I would like to share with you, as a result of that conversation, my reasons for calling this the BEST, morally profound book ever written. I know she would like me to encourage you to read it…….. In the annals of spirituality, certain books stand out both for their historical importance, and for their continued relevance. This IS that book. Only the Bible has been more influential as a source of devotional reading than this, written by Thomas A. Kempis between 1420 and 1427. I keep it beside my bed wherever I go, for one simple reason, it has the answers I need, whenever I need them. First, it’s the way the book is layed out. Say you have had a bad day and you’re worried about controlling your temper, there’s a chapter for that. Say someone has robbed you and you’re terribly worried about everything, there’s a chapter for that. And so on, and so on…..The entire devotional is written in little two to three page chapters. Answering just about any moral or ethical dilemma you can think of. I have been using this book for many years now and it has never failed me, not once. It is has been read and re-read by some the greatest minds of all time. It is, simply put, perfection in the guise of a morally profound devotional. I cannot tell you how many times this book has brought me back from the depths of depression and despair. I’m sorry for sounding so dramatic but, I get excited at the idea of someone going out to get this book. it is from divine inspiration that these words have been put to paper. How do I know? Well I know his story, but I’m not going to tell you here, because I want you to get this book. I was learning to walk again, I was In the hospital, when a volunteer hospital worker came to my room and gave me this book. This is the first passage I turned to when first I opened it, and discovered that God had visited me that day. This is what I read; “An evil deed ought never be done for anything in the world nor for the love of any human being. For the benefit of someone in need, however, a good work may, at times, be set aside and a better one substituted in its place; thus, a good work is not avoided but transformed into something more excellent. An external deed done without charity is without value, but when performed with charity… matter how small or insignificant the action be…it becomes meritorious. God notes the love that impels the action and not the number of works done. He does much, who loves much….” So, do you see what I mean? The entire book is perfect in this way. Its written by an Augustinian monk and is filled with eloquence and fresh insight, encouragement and solace, and is an incomparable resource for anyone who seeks a more substantive understanding of mankinds relation to the divine…… If ever I could recommend you a book, THIS would be it. It is without a doubt, TOP OF THE LIST…….I am Dartanion2……and that’s the way I see it…….cheers…..t xx