In part one of this post (back in June) I was in total agreement with Mr. Asimov, and I still am to this extent; “The future will be what circumstance, the human will, and human intelligence make of it……and…..our role is to survey the territory and conditions ahead of us, so that humanity, in it’s travels through space and time, will have a better understanding of what to aim for and what to avoid.” It is in the fact that humanity is doing world wide damage to our planet, that the “urgency” to move technology forward at ever increasing speeds is now in play. Look at how much technology has accomplished in the last ten years alone and you are in awe of the ability of the human mind. But, damage to this planet is screaming for help and we are in a race to provide answers that lead to working solutions. We know that if we can harness the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, we have hope for rapid solutions. Traveling distances to gather and mine resources from other planets is a very real possibility where healing our own planet is concerned. There are an extraordinary number of scientists and researchers working the problem as we speak. Computers have jump started the progress of technology like never before. Traveling beyond the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second) is at the forefront of this race, and the topic of conversation and debate in laboratories and universities, the world over. There are working theories on the table, some of which include; tachyons, wormholes, inflationary universe, space-time warping ,intelligent design, to name a few. One of the more outlandish; the TARDIS, of “Doctor Who” fame. TARDIS stands for, Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Scientists (for the most part) however, believe that breaking the speed of light will arrive quicker than harnessing time travel. Super colliders and particle accelerators are on the verge of success right now. In fact, there has already been one success at surpassing the speed of light. Scientists now know that sub-atomic particles are capable of such a feat. A total if 15,000 neutrino beams were fired from Switzerland to Italy, and when they arrived, they were 60 nano-seconds faster than light would have made the same journey. That is an incredibly small improvement but it suggests, in a big way, that it is possible. Now, everyone who’s been following my blog knows that the “Main” concern of this blog is “Mans ability to manipulate ENERGY”. So why all the scientific mumbo jumbo? Well my friends, it is this. I have been talking about man’s ability to manipulate energy in many of my previous posts and I have been specific about those capabilities. Most of which revolve around the idea that the human mind/brain is evolving many times faster than technology is. We are nearing the ability to be on opposite ends of the universe at the same time, through a host of varied innate abilities, which are now just being awakened in humans the world over. I site many examples and possibilities throughout all of my earlier posts on this blog. In our essence, we are beings of light and energy. Our entire universe and everything in it, is made of energy. Energy is immortal and constantly changing, we know for a fact that these things are true. As we become more capable of manipulating energy, without the assistance of technology, the closer we get to travelling well beyond the speed of light, by bringing ourselves ever closer to understanding that thing which we have termed….GOD. Once we are on a path to grasping and understanding that which we think of as God, then the real evolutionary process jumps ahead light years. We will no longer be concerned with traveling beyond the speed of light, we will be able to manipulate our own energy into actually becoming light, and thus we become capable of traveling at the speed of “GOD”. Yes, I said traveling at the speed of “GOD.” Of course, don’t forget about evolution, because once we have become capable of taking the leap of “FAITH”, that propels us into the realm of God, will be the very moment that GOD himself will evolve into his next incarnation, and vibration, of being “beyond” our known ideas and hypotheses concerning our newly redefined understanding of the cosmos……..I am Dartanion2…..and that’s the way I see it………cheers…….t xx