ghost paradeYesterday I spent several hours with a friend and fellow poet, just talking shop and considering the possibilities.  His name is Jeremy Hennessee and together we decided to do a little collaboration just for the fun of it.  I had just finished a piece based on the photo above, and Jeremy is a gifted arranger and editor.  We opted for the obvious and what Jeremy delivered was a shock, and so here it sits, before you today.  Please allow me to make it clear, Mr. Hennessee molded my poem into what you see here, without his efforts this would not have been possible.  We were both pleased at the results of our collaboration;   I leave it to you………

                PHANTOM PASSING

by:  Tony Taylor
edited by:  Jeremy Hennessee

In winters time
and summers meter…
there waits only one

The procession of
lives passing…
the fall after fall
And the spring

(within me)

The lines of design
with questions
worth asking.

And the proof
that it all was
well worth the
chancing and dancing
and the thrill of

Heartbeats combining
into a river of wild rides,
and oceans of tides
bathed in glorious moonlight!
Where young lovers

(and dreams
come alive)

Hours and years
days and months
before phantoms passing
I remember it well
from my youth, all
the phantasmal harassing,
the ethereal taunts, and
sacred spiritual laughing
which haunts!

Ah, I remember 
it too well, during
lost lunches and spells
the spectral glimmerings
in the skies above Houston
all the ideas that we had
were quite loose then
No matter the query…it was
all necessary…to experience
the sublime art of romancing,
and then make it all step in line!
(with the Phantom Ever-Passing)

Tony Taylor and Jeremy Hennessee