angel2When I was young, I looked forward to church on Sunday.  I still have a relationship with God, I just don’t practice in a church any longer,  the world and the experiences in it, are my church now.  The people I meet have become my living temples and altars at which I worship.  I am no longer afraid of death, like I was as a child.  The world has taught me this and so much more.  I am constantly amazed at the fantastical beings each human soul I encounter represents.  The unbelievable amounts of Love I receive each day, because of this blog, even allows me to have some respect and admiration for technology, something I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say.  My new friends and acquaintances have become more than I could have ever hoped for.  So, today is SUNDAY!  and I think i’ll take the day, to reflect, relax, and thank God for affording me this blessing, we call, life…………..smiles…….t  xx