precognitionHey guys, sorry about yesterday, the surgery took me down for the day.  But once again I was greeted with kind emails and messages, thanx so much to you all.
                I have an interesting post today that I’m excited to discuss.  When it comes to Metaphysics you know I’m on the team.  Have you seen the movie “NEXT”  starring Nicolas Cage, Jessica Biel, and Julianne Moore?  It was kind of a sleeper movie, but I caught it the other day and it was just up my alley.  A VERY good film that covers the topic of Precognition quite well.  If you’re interested in ESP you’re going to like this movie.  It’s about a Magician who has been able to see 2 minutes into his own, (and only his own) future, since birth.  This ability, of course, has landed him a starring role in the world of Las Vegas.  However, this is not the focus of the movie, the focus is on his ability to see two minutes into the future and the FBI’s interest in using his gift to save L.A. from a nuclear explosion.  In the mix is Jessica Biel who has been appearing to the gifted performer since he was a child.  The fact that when he meets her, after having searched for her for many years, he finds that he can “see” further into the future (24 hours) but only where the future concerns Her.  From there the film soars and takes you through an amazing ride of what’s real and what’s not.  The plot twists are magnificent.
                  Nicolas Cages character, is blessed with the gift of “Precognition”.  Let’s talk about that a moment.  The word Precognition is often confused with premonition or prophecy, all of which, fall under the category of ESP or Extra Sensory Perception.  So please, allow me to simplify the definitions of these words, because if you look them up, you will find overly complicated wording that makes it difficult to separate them.
                            1.)   PRECOGNITION :  The acquisition of future information that cannot be deduced by our normal senses, and is based on facts and details that are obtained from dreams or visions.
                            2.)   PREMONITION :   Acquiring information about future events that are perceived as emotion; or a “feeling” that something is about to happen, normally, something dire.
                            3.)   PROPHECY :   Can be the same as the other two but, the source of the information is attributed to God or some supernatural force.

                     Of course all of these are sub-categories of ESP, and eventually fall under the heading of “Metaphysics”.  Duke University has a well respected Department of Parapsychology and  they have done some studies that have conclusively, found that more than 60%, of persons questioned believe in precognition and ESP.  However the Scientific community does not agree, and for a very good reason.  It violates the principal of “Causality” which states:  An effect cannot occur before it’s cause.  In my humble opinion, Science and Metaphysics will eventually come together out of necessity.  It is inevitable.  This blog concerns itself self with energy.  Thoughts are made of energy, and everything in the known Universe is made of energy, including things not yet understood.  Such as Precognition…….
                      This film “NEXT” dives mightily into the world of precognition.  If you don’t know anything about this subject matter you will by movies end.  This film was a surprise and an unbelievable representation of Metaphysics at work in the world.  A world that we will soon be witness to.  A world that is rolling up on us at amazing speeds.  We will soon be witnessing people with all kinds of metaphysical capabilities.  As sure as you can say the word evolution, the gifted will be among us……..I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I see it…………..cheers……t   xx