angel5Today I would like to talk a little about my family over at …..It is a poetry site where like minded individuals share their poetry and sometimes the intimacies of their lives.  It is truly an inspiring community of writers, who support one another and look out for each other.  Through “Cosmo” I have made a loving and particularly truly gifted new friend. Today I would like to tell you about her as she has been an inspiration in many parts of my life.  She has opened up her heart to me and showered me with love and attention.  She is the biggest supporter of this blog and the only person I know who has read every single one of my poems and commented on them all.  She is a wonderful poet and a superb writer, and a bright spiritual light, who’s beliefs include all things Metaphysical. She so freely and generously shares her incredibly detailed paranormal experiences with us here on this blog.  She is an “Angel” that I feel God has sent especially just for me. She supports me in my struggle with my disease and she tells me she loves me at least 3 times a day. She is the most beautiful selfless person I know.  So much so that she has agreed to share one of her most intimate pieces with you all here today. It is a tribute to her son Andrew who sadly died from cancer in May 2009 at the age of just 31. She wrote the piece for the 4th anniversary of his death, and in it’s finest sense it shows their love for each other.  I call her Georgie, her real name is Georgina Richardson and here is a piece of her life and her loving heart….


He is no longer mine

He has left me a great mountain of memories

His feather soft kiss still plays on my cheek

My heart still bursts and sparks with the flame of the love we shared

With the dreams we dreamt

The wind still sighs

I still melt with the memory of the warmth of his skin in my quiet moments

I still see his smile in moonbeams high

Hear his laughter in the fire of the sparkling stars

Stilled are the echo`s of the fire in his soul, his shine

The sweet memory of his soft perfect skin

He still dances in the rhythm of the blossoms in sway

Still his aura caresses sweetly the leaves on the swaying branch

He is no longer mine

His soul holds me gently

His song dries my aching tears

Still I feel him close


Always part of me

For we are bound as one

Thank you Georgie

God bless you, and forever keep you safe.

My Angel

Tony xx