third eyeI have spent over 20 years pursuing the truth about the “Third Eye”, and it’s history through evolution and spirituality.  Remarkably, both paths have led to very similar answers.  My findings and conclusions have been remarkable and have led me to new capabilities.  I have so much information about this subject that I will probably be posting on this subject again at some point. 
                     For me, the “Third Eye” began with books.  The Antedeluvian world, books on the Kundalini and the 7 chakra’s found in Hinduism (in Hinduism it’s called Ajna, the brow, or 6th chakra).   In most mystical/ spiritual faiths it’s believed that the “Third Eye” is a concept that refers to an invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.  Armed with only this “basic” understanding, I began meditating in closets (for the darkness) for long periods of time, during which I would focus on the spot between my eyes (with my eyes closed) until I began to see light.  The light (for me) always began with a lavender ray and then turned into astonishingly bright white light.  I practiced this for many months, several times a week, before I began seeing results.  Eventually, the spot between my eyes became sensitive to my thoughts, I could feel an actual pressure point between my eyes and when this feeling was focused on in darkness, I began to see light, INTENSELY.  It was always accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.  I became adept at focusing on this point and then guiding the light to different points on my body.  I could have the light completely fill up my entire body with warmth and the feeling that I was somehow healing myself.  It was (and still is) exactly like that feeling you get when you kiss someone you love, and you get that warm fuzzy feeling in your  stomach.  I have never able to heal myself of any physical ailment, but I always felt much lighter , and happier , and unafraid as I approached my day, after having meditated on the “Third Eye”.  I was young.  I had no idea what I was doing but, knew I was doing something positive for my soul.  I now know so much more that explains those early experiences……….
                         In ancient times, it is believed (by some) that humans had a functioning third eye in the back of their head that had a physical as well as spiritual function.  Over time, as humans evolved, this eye atrophied, sunk into the head, and became what we know today as the “pineal” gland.  In theosophy, the “Third Eye”  is also believed to be related to the Pineal Gland. 
                         In modern medicine, we know THESE things to be facts:  The pineal gland is about the size of a pea, it is shaped like a miniature pine cone ,in the Epithalmus, which is in the front and center of the brain, between the eyebrows, and in the groove between the two hemispheres of the brain.  Also, the pineal gland is the ONLY organ (aside from the eyes) that detects LIGHT……….let me repeat that…………..IT DETECTS LIGHT………………it also secretes Melatonin, which controls and maintains sleep patterns……these are medical facts… think about that………….controlling sleep patterns would be highly beneficial for practitioners of meditation, for obvious reasons.  And coupled with perception of light, which is what I was experiencing when I had no idea what I was doing.  On top of all of this is the fact that Pineal gland is a vestigial organ.  Vestigial meaning an organ that has become dormant because of human evolution and the effects of environment, forcing the organ into submission.  Like the appendix, which no longer has a use, but is a part of the digestive system and thought to have been used to digest leaves.
                             Now, when you put all of this together it seems pretty obvious that the “Third Eye” is not a myth or a religious fairy tale.  In my opinion, it is the doorway to the light and innate ability heal.  To this day I am able to call up that pressure point between my eyes and send a feeling of Euphoria throughout my entire body, at will.  At the drop of a hat I can call up this warm feeling of prison power that calms and protects me.   It’s like a secret weapon I  have developed over time through persistence and FAITH, and it’s root, once again, is Energy!  No matter where you look in the world of METAPHYSICS there stands a singular truth, ENERGY is immortal and constantly changing (evolving).  The “Third Eye” , one of the roads less traveled and yet lays beckoning to be mastered…………..imagine the possibilities, you could learn to heal the sick and teach your own body how to rejuvenate itself.  The “Third Eye”…….is REAL!!  and if you are a healer… is a gift from GOD!………I am Dartanion2……and that’s the way I see it……….cheers….t   xx