metaphysicsPeople are still asking me, what is Metaphysics?  After nearly 60 posts on my blog…………I guess I SUCK!  (kidding)  Better try to clear this up.  I am going to clear the air here, to the best of my ability.  Keep in mind that Metaphysics (in it’s essence) attempts to define that which Science says does not exist, so the idea of defining, that which does not exist, is rather a daunting one but certainly, my kind of challenge.  So unbutton your trousers because you are about to get a belly full….

                             Famous Quote;  “Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a thirty thousand page menu and no food!”
                              ” I was thrown out of college for cheating on the Metaphysics exam, I looked into the soul of the boy sitting next to me.”      —-Woody Allen

                              Seriously though,  METAPHYSICS is the vastly complex area of philosophy that attempts to define the nature of human existence and our Universe around us.  It includes the collective processes that are “beyond” basic physics as well as being a part of the foundation of Science because it deals with the most fundamental “elements” that make our entire Universe possible.  Or, as ARISTOTLE suggests, Metaphysics = being without, form, or substance.  Now, I know some of us are asking, ” What in the heck does all that gobbledygook mean and what does it have to do with Metaphysics?”
                                In simple terms, it means that the Universe itself, in order to be created, requires three basic things;  SPACE, MATTER (or mass), and ENERGY.   Without those three things our Universe could not exist.  Metaphysics endeavors to not only understand these things, but to explain the different, unexplained, manifestations of them.  Such as, premonitions, ESP, the third eye, astral projection, prophecy, dream control, mind reading, magic, bi-location, altered states of consciousness, orbing, time travel, meditation and the chakra’s, precognition, and much, much more.  So you can see the problem here.  Now, those three things that are required to create the Universe, because of Einstein and other contributors to Physics and Cosmology, we now know everything boils down to just one of those three things.  Just one thing———ENERGY.  Everything we know, everything we are, EVERYTHING, is energy.  Our thoughts are energy.  Your computer is energy that has manipulated into form (or matter) , your car, the earth, your body, water, the President, money, feelings, food, the sun, the clouds, trees, ALL of it, it’s all energy.  That is the focus of this blog and “Metaphysics” is what we use to try to put all of this into perspective.  Like a formula in  Algebra just waiting to have the x’s and the y’s filled in with the appropriate numbers. Energy is the key to all things.  WE, are made of energy………at the root of evolution is……….you got it…..Energy.   METAPHYSICS is what we use to define the inexplicable. Metaphysics is the upcoming addition to Science itself.    I hope this has made it a little clearer.  What I would like to happen here is for the comment section to fill up questions and answers so that this question won’t come up again…….and if it does………I will be prepared to respond…….again!   I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I see it…………..cheers………t   xx