kingdom of heavenSo have you guys seen this movie, Kingdom Of Heaven ?  It is a wonderful, sweeping saga set during the Crusades of the 12th century.  I chose to speak of this film because it is an “Everyman’s Tale” of the search for spirituality and honor.  It is a noble endeavor this film.  And at it’s heart a love story,  a love for GOD.  The theme is simple but the film itself is complex.  It is the story of a simple blacksmith who loses his wife to suicide and has lost his faith in GOD, when circumstance and fate step in to restore his faith and set him on a course of unimagined Glory.   Orlando blooms character Balian rises to become protector of the greatest, most spiritual city on earth,  JERUSALEM.  Completed in 2005 this film boasts an incredible cast and director Ridley Scott shines again.  Scott’s prior film?  “Gladiator”  one of his very best is followed here splendidly.  Tha cast includes, Orlando Bloom, Eva Green as the stunning SIBYLLA, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Liam Neeson , Edward Norton (who won the academy award for his portrayal of the Leper King) and a cast of thousands.
What is so interesting about this film is the under tone of it.  There is a feeling throughout that you are witnessing the actions of something and someone “VERY SPIRITUAL” and truly blessed by GOD.  The understated performance by Bloom is so perfect that it is hypnotic to watch him go from broken and faithless to leader of the most spiritual site in the world.  The light shines from him in this movie and it makes the entire film work.   For even when the film seems to be moving slowly the light in  bloom is growing throughout it’s entirety and continues pushing the story forward.  No matter what your beliefs are this strange quality (which is in evidence throughout) appears to be showing us the light of GOD working through Balian (Bloom).  The love story between Bloom and Sybylla while not being the main focus of the film is another of the shining spots in this Scott Epic.  Muslim audiences in Beirut actually stood and applauded at different times through out  this movie and the success of the film is more far reaching than just the United States.  If you believe in GOD then you will adore this film.  The scene where he goes to the spot where Jesus was crucified and prays for the soul of his wife is indicative of the power of this film.  In the final scene the King of England stops in the small town where the film began and asks bloom if he has heard of or seen “Balian” the defender of Jerusalem.  Bloom looks down at the ground where his wife is buried and says  “I am the Blacksmith!”……….GOD is everywhere in this Movie………grab some popcorn, you really shouldn’t miss this………..I am Dartanion2……..and that’s the way I see it………..cheers……….t  xx