alariani warrior of the realmToday I would like to share with you a project I’m working on that involves Empowering Women through poetry.  I am working on a series of 25 poems (above:  “ALARIANI” warrior of the Realm..) that empowers women by showing UTTER strength of character and will……while exhibiting absolutely NO signs of weakness whatsoever.  It began with a single piece and was received so well at Cosmofunnel that it has become a project that is near to involving artists from Marvel and DC comics.  The idea itself was born from an experience I had as young man visiting the country of SWEDEN where the women are tough and beautiful.  If you’ve ever been to this amazing country I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Although the women of Sweden (in my opinion) are extremely charming they possess an in inner strength that is undeniable.  The instance I am referring to happened in a club in a club in Stockholm.  There was a fight that broke out at a jazz club there called Stampen (I’m sure I misspelled that name)……anyway, these two guys were fighting about some girl when “out of nowhere” came this woman with blonde hair (maybe 5ft 8in tall) came storming in, side-kicked one guy in the kneecap and literally lifted the other guy off the floor and smashed him into a table……the fight was over in a matter of seconds and the club went right back to normal……I’d never seen anything like that before.  So you can see why it stuck in my mind for the past 20 years or so.  Anyway, I’d like to show you now, one of the pieces from the series.  I am currently working on number 10………hope you enjoy the read, she’s a bad ass……….happy Sunday to you…..Tony

                 “ALARIANI” warrior of the Realm…

  The hushed, tight wave of panic that struck her
as she strode
Down the main passage, she could feel their eyes
through the walls
Shouts reached her, from a far off gallery, two parties
had faced off in the Great Hall
Alariani, was here to make sense of it all, and to fulfill
what was foretold
Around a bend, she surprised them all, cleaved clean
the very first head
Two parties had gathered together to defend
She ended it, by leaving one dead
Her anger blazed up in her, as she surged forward
intimidating the others
Feigning to strike them where they stood in their folly
and amid frightened friends
She would make it clear, ” This! Is where it ends!!  On
each brother here we ALL depend!”
The guards lifted the head and the body, Alariani
wiped off her sword
She explained in a furious display, that the truth in the realm
worked only One way
From the Kings lips to hers, and THAT is how
it would remain
She mastered herself, forced a smile, then
hastened away
She saw now that the Realm was at the flash point
of crisis, she hurried her pace
Then burst into her Fathers chambers to state
“The time has come Your Majesty!”
Grimly, he ignored her for the multitudes of fear
which cut at his awareness, his fairness
He turned to his daughter and begged, “Alariani, are
you willing to die today?!”
Without hesitation, she was gone, as she strode along
passages and down stairways
She could hear her Great Army in the world courtyard
they were ALL chanting her name
As she exploded through the door and into daylight, the
warriors exploded in their own way
“ALARIANI!!”,  “ALARIANI!!” warrior of the Realm had but
three words to say
“KILL….THEM…..ALL!!”  there would be no survivors
this day………

Tony Taylor  (Chicago)