angel2Hi guys it’s getting kind of late for me for me but I wanted to talk a little more about angels.  The Bible tells us that angels are here and that they live and walk among us, protecting us from evil and guiding us through good times and bad.  The Hebrew word for angel is “messenger”.  Now, here’s an interesting question I found posted on……”  Why would God need angels if he were indeed Omnipotent, Omnipresent. and Omniscient, (all powerful, everywhere present at once, and all knowing) since he would not need messengers either to inform him of goings on, nor to inform humans of his wishes.  In spite of God supposedly having these attributes, it is the perception that God is not really Omnipotent, Omnipresent, or Omniscient that has arguably led to the “need” to believe in Angels.”…….
                 But I think that as I look around my room for attention, I realize that the term Angel  has so many different meanings.  It could be that when you lose a friend to death, that they stay around just hanging around just checking up on us ——-until ultimately it becomes our time to join them.  Like guardian Angels. 
                 But then I started thinking about the people that are right here with us.  The people that seem to go to any length to please a friend or co-worker.  That person you know who stays after work just so everyone else can beat traffic home.  Or an EMT worker that stops to help a bleeding stranger even though don’t have to.   What about the children out there that go around raising tens of thousands of Dollars for very worthy causes and never for their own benefit.  Or, what about the very cool people that volunteer at nursing homes to help the elderly have a little entertainment in their lives or help remove and empty bedpans.  All of the millions of really nice people we have right here in our country that go unrecognized each and every day.  It really is a Fantastic Country this good ‘ol USA of ours.  Just this afternoon I was at the beach for a few precious minutes while I was working on a poem, I was fortunate enough to get a ride, (walking is difficult for me) and there was a lady that had fallen and hit her head.  There were three Lifeguards there to help her.  But the Lady was a very large woman and the lifeguards were struggling to get her onto the stretcher…..within a matter of 15 seconds or so,  there were probably 15 people there willing and helping the woman across the sand and up to the road where the ambulance awaited.  People were filming with their phones and others were applauding because the whole thing was just a beautiful thing to see.  People helping people.  Now I put it to you……..don’t you think that there are Angels right here…….among family’s and friends?   I think that family’s and friends are one big happy band of Angels anyway……even when they are fighting amongst themselves because come what may…….we are all alone when we come into this world, and we are all alone when we leave…….but, while we are here, and that’s a good 80 years or so…….we are walking with the Angels my friends…….we are walking among the divine………I am Dartanion2……..and that’s the way I see it………..cheers………T…xx