spineOK guys, sorry I’ve putzing around!..I just got back from my weekly consult, where we continue to plot courses of action, and I thought I’d talk about this while it’s still fresh in my mind.  What we’ve found, because the foot injections were not successful, is that the pain is not directly related to PN but more likely the demyelinating nerves.  Which is akin to major sports type injuries.  So, our next course of action is 3 weekly spinal surgeries.  Or, ONE surgery per week for the next 3 weeks.  What we’ve found is that my L3 disc is herniated and that changes the playing field a bit.  What the Doc is going to do is go into the sympathetic nerves that run along the spine, right next to the L3 disc where a dye will be injected to determine exact location for the nerve, which is so small that ZERO mistakes can be made because the blood flowing from the AORTA also runs right next to our target.  So, I wiil be sedated as they go into my spine so that they can still talk to me while they determine what affects are taking place as they inject small doses before they actually put me completely under. Wow! I hope that made sense.  So, in layman’s terms, they are going to shut down ALL feeling from the waist down on my left side on the first surgery.  That means no feeling in my leg or foot on my left side.  What this will help us learn is whether or not the constant pain I’m experiencing can be treated as a Sports injury, because if it can, then a miracle COULD be in the works.  So what we’re hoping is that IT IS a sports related problem.  I played 9 years of football and I had a three story fall from a window so the potential is there.  The reason we’re hoping that this is all true is that IF it is…….then I can be treated rather quickly and have complete relief from pain within a matter of weeks!!  HALLELUJAH!! (spell)…..Anyway I don’t have my hopes completely high because the let down will suck if it’s not true.  Either way I will still have to deal with the polyneuropathy but that will be a breeze if I can JUST GET RELIEF FROM PAIN! no what I mean?  So I’ve got my fingers crossed….first surgery is scheduled for Thursday Sept 4th and then the following 2 Tuesdays.  So the game is afoot and I’m scared and excited at the same time because the surgeries are dangerous (Paralysis is the worst case scenario) but I really trust Doctor Kalina and I know how good he is.  We will be using Laser technology for these surgeries so they are VERY precise.  Also, if successful, NO SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR IMPLANT….YAY!!!………So that’s whats been going on with me…….I will be back to my consistent self here on my blog……I’ve already planned my next 2 posts…….tomorrow I’m going into the mysteries of the Ocean and a review of the film “The Abyss” one of the best underwater films EVER made so should be fun!…….thanx again to Georgina, Kate (Alice Lawson), and Cherie (my honey) for keeping the comments going for me……tonight i’ll be responding to some of those FANTASTIC comments you guys have been leaving.  I have to say this!!  I AM SO PSYCHED!! about these upcoming surgeries!!………Could be a REAL game changer……..I Love you guys! (smile)…………..I am Dartanion2………..and that’s the way I see it…………cheers………t   xx