wisdom of the cosmosHi guys,  the last 48 hours have seen me involved in conversations with God.  As I walked from the beach (don’t think you could call what I do walking, exactly) I found myself deep into a conversation with my lord and savior.  When I got home I found myself pouring out religious feel and intimacy.  I am a contributor at cosmofunnel.com where art is shared and commented on by fellow writers and painters etc………..I went back into my pages and found which piece my fellow poets had commented on the most………it turned out to be a spiritual write that I am quite pleased was recognized.  I would like to share that with you here now, as I am anxious to get back across the street, to the beach, for more inspiration!  Poetry is one of my great loves, I leave it you friends!!  May your day be blessed as mine has these past few days…….

                    WISDOM OF THE COSMOS
                                     by: Tony Taylor

When you feel the desire for eternal happiness take hold
of you from above
And when you long to be free of your body’s confusions
over love
Open wide your heart and fervently accept
it’s inspiration
Offer your most heartfelt thanks just for
the consideration
From the wisdom of the cosmos
For when you gaze into the sky, is it not apparent
That the heavens, are quite transparent, even divine
In their alignment, bringing love to those
who dare consider
The divine goodness in all that matters, the way
it glitters
The way it treats you, so generously, so robustly
And mightily raises you up, into it’s wisdom
The place where stars are born, what do we
give them
A reflection of ourselves, our purest hopes, our
dreams of love
Our words in poetry, trying to return what they
have already given
And so I pray to understand
The man that I am, how I fit into
All of this, these many gifts
That are
The wisdom
Of the COSMOS……..

Tony Taylor  (Chicago)