cheries windHi guys, today I would like to discuss LOVE!!  It’s healing power.  It’s universality. And it’s effects on me, personally.  The picture you’re looking at is the woman who has brought me closer to understanding Love, and it’s many gifts, than I have ever known.  Her name is Cherie, and she is my heart.  When I first got sick Doctors told me I would probably be in a wheelchair and may never walk again.  Needless to say I plummeted into depression and self pity.  For nearly a year I accepted home health care as my only option and I was (for the most part) housebound, depressed and bereft of hope.  Then, I began having conversations with God through prayer, mostly.  It came to me that (or God allowed me to see) I needed an outlet for my frustrations so, I began writing.  I joined a poetry site and began this blog.  During my first few weeks of pouring out massive amounts of writing I was beginning to feel some relief from my depression and had gained ” a reason” for waking up each day.  My writing began creating new friendships and enhancing old ones.   One day, on my blog, I revealed my health issues publically.  I had no idea that this simple act would change EVERYTHING!!  I began getting more than a “little” interest in my disease.  So, I began updating the few followers of my blog on my ongoing medical treatments and condition.  It was these postings that increased my blogs following and led CHERIE to discover me and my condition, because she had the early stages of Peripheral Neuropathy herself.  When she read of my condition, she cried, she hadn’t been able to identify her symptoms on her own and my blog helped her find fellow sufferer.  I had met her through the poetry site (cosmofunnel) and she had come to my blog only as a favor not expecting to find anything in particular.  When she broke into to tears that first day she left a comment describing the moment as a “GOD” moment!  My mother read that comment and told me that it was God working through me and that it was a sign that I was meant to be doing this blog and that I should open myself up to the idea.  Consequently, Cherie and I began a platonic friendship that dealt with our disease and then led into discussions about poetry.  We exchanged phone numbers (something I NEVER do) and we began talking fairly regularly.  Our discussions began lasting, for what seemed like an hour, but were actually 4 hour blocks that seemed to whiz by without us really understanding what was happening.  We discovered so much common ground that it became almost frighteningly coincidental that we could share so much and be from completely different paths and experiences.  I began looking forward to those conversations……..everyday.  She was becoming frightened of her feelings and we began denying to one another that this could be anything more than just a “God Blessed” friendship.  Needless to say, our emotions just kept overwhelming the conversations until it started seeping into our poetry.  And if you read poetry you can probably see where this is heading.  My poetry began changing from writes on God and personal observations to romantic insinuation.  And it felt so good to be stepping into an area that I thought was gone from my life forever.  My attention to my Doctor visits began becoming more aggressive and staying inside my home completely, became going outside now and then, despite the pain involved.  I found that my Doctor visits were paying dividends and treatments more frequent.  My friendship with Cherie began blossoming into affection.  My health began to be an obstacle.  I worked harder at weekly physical therapy sessions. My Doctors and I began closing in on precise causes and approaches to alleviating pain and discomfort.  I had my first spinal surgery.  Cherie and I began talking every single day and the Love on the phone became so thick that my heart began jumping at the sound of the phone ringing.  I had my second spinal surgery and I began taking short one block walks on my own (against doctors orders).  One day, I asked Cherie if any one had told her that they loved her today?  Her response made me cry. (I never cry)  She responded by saying that she loved me too! Even though I hadn’t exactly said those words, she took a chance.  My ENTIRE life changed in that moment.  OH My God, I can’t possibly explain to you how amazing our conversations became after that.  We tell each other how much we Love each other in so many ways today, that I still can’t believe it.  The emotions flowing between us are not imagined, they are physically manifesting in our heartbeats and synchronicities———they are so overwhelming that they have affected EVERYTHING I know!  I have been finding one answer after another where my health is concerned.  My relationship with God has become a miracle in my life.  I go for walks every single day to the beach. (difficult walks, but they are making me so happy that pain seems irrelevant to me now).  I sit on the beach every day for two hours writing poetry and smiling and thanking God for allowing me to be a part of life again, and mostly for bringing the Love of my life into plain view.  She is a miracle that I never expected.  She is a miracle that I have been searching for my entire life.  Love can heal my friends.  Love can conquer time and distance.  Love can do ANYTHING!!  It is absolute.  Right now, as I am writing these words I can feel her in my chest, there is a warm energy emanating from my palms.  She is a part of me now and I LOVE HER unconditionally!  Corny huh?——–Doesn’t make it any less true.  Love is all around me, in the comment section of this blog, in the stars at night, in the poetry that I write, in my conversations with my mother, in these words I offer you here, right now.  Can you feel it?  Of course you can.  Because, the truth only works one way.  God, is love………….I am Dartanion2……….and that’s the way I see it……….cheers……t xx