woman dove rose
                     THE SPLENDOR

The wind is whistling softly across my face as I
sit here reminded of her
It seems every moment of my day is shared by images
of that countenance
The subtle, pristine pictures, flowing through the photo  album
of her childhood
The ever gracious words of hers, singing shadows of silhouetted
deeds of simple good
And every single breath I take, invigorates, the precious feeling
of good in me
She’s like a virus healing, instead of tearing down the field of
blooming lily’s
I find that I am comforted by just the awareness, that her picture
is on my phone
And if a minute goes by that I don’t sense her near, I pull up her photo
so that I don’t feel alone
I know that this seems crazy, but how do I just ignore this feeling that
I need her somehow
It’s as though GOD has answered me, but I can’t recall the prayer
or the vow
The Splendor of her simplicity, has taken me to the depths of
Loves pining
I feel the innocence, and the honest language of the soul that
keeps reminding
Of the Love that just keeps pouring from my pen, in prose and
crude Quatrains
There seems to be no ending, to the raining light of passing
lovers lanes
It’s everywhere I look and every face I see, I cannot stop thinking of
what she’s doing inside of me
The love that just grows stronger every time the cell phone rings, this is no
illusion, it’s perfect harmony

More than synchronicity the signs of Love are there
And the strange compatibility is more than odd
Every time I turn the page her spoken words are there
Can anyone explain this?  I think i’ll look to GOD…….