difficulties in writing

there’s a thing called writers block…….to which I am not a subscriber……..

Hi guys,  I have so many ideas going through my mind today,  that I spent the last thirty minutes trying to decide what it was that I wanted to talk about today.  The truth is I am anxious to get outside and work on some of my poetry.  But as I sat here batting around ideas it occurred to me that I may have writers block.  Then I thought, I don’t think there is such a thing.  I mean I always have something I can write about.  I mean sometimes I can’t seem to focus on one particular thing so then I just leave it for a while and work on something else and when I come back to it, all is well.  So, I am not a subscriber to the idea of writers block and I am subscriber to “just writing!”  Writers—–write.  So I try to do that every day.  Then it occurred to me that I have the perfect piece to convey that very idea———-I am going to share that with you here right now, and then i’ll make my daily, painful, journey across the street to the beach where I write sometimes.  So, here is a piece I wrote recently which recived so pretty interesting comments from the other writers there.  Tell me what you think.  Leave it in the comments section here if you please———=we have discussions about your comments, and somewhere in the near future I will be doing a write specifically about the wonderful comments and activities going on in the comment section of this blog!  Thanx for your reply’s………here’s the piece on writing…….

                              BY: Tony Taylor

I find such charm, in reading great writers who’s song
and imagery
Need not be aware of the effect compared by sullen
For often we find the new writer’s mind, is content
to swim in sewage
The corruption of man is followed by corruption
of language
For language has surely come from, observation
of nature
And the minds matching symbols to objects
There’s divinity in the images conveyed in
simple words
The ballet created when man preserves
Honesty of God,
in portrayals and conveyances
I am in awe when I find a simple bird, aloft
and in greater surprise when words deify
that simple bird in flight
For no matter how I sweat, and try
I realize, I am but a simple poet
who spends his time trying to divine
great thinkers, who just seem to know it….

Tony Taylor    (Chicago)