the sunSunday, the first day of the week, observed as the Sabbath by most Christian sects.  The name comes from the Latin, “Dies Solis”, meaning the “Sun’s Day”: the name of a pagan Roman holiday.  It is also called, in Latin, “Dominica”, the Day of God !  In the prophets, and especially Isaiah, you will find the statement, so often repeated by the leaders of the Churches that;  “The true Sabbath is not is not ceasing from physical work, but to stop sinning.”——-perfection can be found in man’s attempts to stop sinning!!
                        There is so much rhetoric spinning around the word (name) SUNDAY that, unless you’re a devout church-goer, it can be quite confusing, especially to young seekers of truth.  In my mind, The Sun’s Day makes the most sense because it lays a foundation for the “Suspension of disbelief!”  And not because I want to find enjoyment in believing in the unbelievable, but because you almost have to.  I mean, so much time has passed since we really had a true appreciation for the Sun that we have forgotten what amazing ritualistic faith there must have been for the sun when humanity was first taking it’s initial “Baby Steps.”  The, very simple, fact that the sun brought light into our reality each day must have seemed a “Daily” miracle. And I can certainly see why men may have worshipped the bringing of light into their world darkness.  Certainly worthy of praise, to say the least.  Some one or something had to be attributed the power of bringing the sun.  We had to have a way to give thanks for this every day miracle.  Personally, I believe God created the heaven’s and the universe,  It is so clear to me now, that I would die for this belief.  It is within this belief that love, beauty, joy, happiness, friendship and pleasure can all be found.  Why anyone would believe otherwise, is beyond me.  But then again, so are most things.  Most of you know that I don’t really post much on Sunday’s but I wanted to make it clear for my friends and family.  Sunday, is the one day of the week that I truly feel closest to them all……….for it is a day of reflection, and not for work.  It has been this way for me since I was a child.   I didn’t understand then WHY it was a day of rest, but I do now.  And it’s never too late to say thank you, or I Love you.  Today, is Sunday, and I would like to say thank you to all of you whom I love and care so much about that I have often forgotten to remind you of it.  Please know that my relationship with God has brought forth such a warm and wonderful appreciation of who my friends and family are, that I will never be able to convey to you just how much I LOVE you, until we join together in his bliss, I know that now, and I am grateful!………….I am Dartanion2………and that’s the way I see it…………cheers………..t  xx