Elspeth warrior of God

“Elspeth….warrior of God”, part of a 25 poem series of poetic acknowledgments……….empowering women with artwork and poetry……..by Tony Taylor

Hi guys, if you remember about six weeks ago I did a post on a series I had been working on, empowering women with artwork and poetry.  I have been in contact with a group of artists who will be producing images, such as the one above, to complete a series of 25 poems and works of art to be a coffee table type publication——–the idea has caught the attention from a contributor to Marvel and DC comics, so I am quite excited to say that I am more than half way through the 25 poems.  I am currently working on 15 and 16 to be exact, and hope to be completing the series by Christmas……..I am so happy with all the support I have been receiving and ecstatic at the notion of bringing this project to it’s fruition.   I would like to share another of the poems with you here today!  Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it——–it’s one of my favorites so far————

                      ” ELSPETH”  warrior of God
by: Tony Taylor

Even her very name, “Elspeth” meant chosen by GOD
She had to stop and pray, for today her sword was more
than broad
The sight itself struck Elspeth, like a blast of brooding
She gaped at what she had done in disbelief, amidst the
bloodied mud
As if it were inconceivable, unendurable, her shoulders
Her heart was divided over what she’d done, and what she
had to do
The field was littered with hundreds of bleeding soldiers
But God had spoken to her, “You must kill them, even as
they lay dying!”
She seemed to lack the language for what she felt
and saw
Her entire Army’s eyes were upon her, in gratitude
and awe
She looked out toward the one man, she had considered
the true hater
Her lips fumbled over meaningless whimpers of those who
underestimated her
She saw the cause of ALL of this, crawling, dying, crying
toward her
She composed herself, moved slowly, unsheathing a
silver knife
In her mind, she kept reliving the heads and arms falling
and denying
That the blood soaked field of battle was a river of
bloody death
And that the Sword of God was not a legend, but a blade of
God’s behest
Elspeth’s gaze grew steely, as she knelt in front of the
dying man
She raised a jewel encrusted blade, with both hands above
her head
And in a swift forgiving motion, she drove it deep into
his head
The whole front of her Golden Armor was bloodied and
glowing crimson
All of this had been accomplished with just the loss of
one division
Her enormous army, began to cheer a cheer of religious
She gripped the knife, but the movement drew a gasp
She drew it and stood, swiftly wiping and sheathing
her Holy knife
She addressed her men thusly; “‘Tis a sin to take a
but when in the service of God’s good and noble
we fight for victory, and someday Peace on Earth!”
Her legions bowed honor as she strode between them
without a sound
She mounted her silver steed, felt the whisper of
God’s breath……………..”Proud!”
And stormed into the distance, followed by a
silver cloud……….

Tony Taylor   (Chicago)