deja vu

ever felt like you’ve done this before? Deja vu…

Hi guys, strange couple of days, have to tell you about it some time.  Today I’d like to talk about Deja Vu……..something most people you know have experienced at least once in their lives…..
Deja Vu comes from French, when literally translated means “already seen”, it is the phenomenon of having the overwhelming sensation that an event or an experience currently being experienced, has actually happened before.  If you go to Wikipedia’s definition of Deja Vu you get a LOT of explanations about why Deja Vu is just a memory trick that your mind uses that memory to plug into something your conscious state can’t recall, and so you get the sensation of having experienced the moment or object before——–this, in my mind, is a bunch of crap.  Because, they make absolutely zero effort to explain the possibility that Deja Vu has any room in truth.  “Oh ye of little faith!”  More than 70% of people on the planet experience this sensation at least once in their lifetime.  Deja Vu has often been described as “remembering the future” or “familiarity without awareness” and is said to occur in people ages 15-25 most frequently.  Well, Deja Vu has happened to me twice, once when I was 14 and the second happened yesterday,—–I’m well beyond 25 years old.  What I’m about to relate to you is not uncommon but, as for most who experience it, is incredibly profound and leaves you with an uncanny sense of eeriness.
One of the common aspects of Deja Vu is that it dissipates from the memory rather quickly—-well, I don’t know where they’re getting their information from, because I perfect recollection of mine.  There are 3 types of Deja Vu
1) deja Vecu (already experienced or lived through) most common
2) deja Senti (already felt)
3) deja Visite (already visited)  most rare
When I was just a little boy I knew that there was something called God but I didn’t REALLY know if you know what I mean!?  The day I experienced Deja Vu was the day I understood that there was something MUCH bigger than myself in existence.  So, no matter what people say about Deja Vu, for me personally, it was Deja Vu that started me on my path to understanding things uncommonly known  or understood, and it was the jumping off point for my understanding of things spiritual & Metaphysical to this day. So whether or not Deja Vu is spiritual or a chemical reaction in the brain is irrelevant to me because it has led me to the miraculous either way.  When I was 14 years old I was playing out in front of my mothers house……..I wanted to relate my personal experiences here ….but …like yesterday there is something wrong with my connection to wordpsress and I can’t type any further I will have to follow on anotherpost.