god and energy

everything you can think of, every word in your vocabulary, is energy…….

Hi guys, testing be sure this is going to work.  So, no explanations or celebrations just yet.  Let’s just see how this post goes, and then i’ll explain to you what happened to my computer.  Today, I would like to get back to the heart of my blog……
Everything about my blog involves ENERGY.  It is the reason I started this blog, it is THE focus of this blog.  If you go to the “search box” at the top of this page, and type in the word ENERGY you will get ALL of the posts that I have written involving energy.  I went through some this morning just to refresh my memory on what I have already discussed, if you have the time, it would be an interesting read some lazy afternoon, A VERY interesting read.  I cannot stress to you enough just HOW IMPORTANT understanding energy is.  For me, it was the complete understanding, the physics of it, the daily applications of it, the undeniable and TOTAL understanding of energy, that sealed forever in me, my unshakable faith in GOD.  EVERYTHING, in the Universe, is made from energy.  The Key facts about energy are these; It cannot be created or destroyed. It is IMMORTAL.  The total amount of energy in the Universe today, is the exact same as yesterday or a million years ago.  It is everlasting and simply changes or transforms into different manifestations of itself, as time or evolution see’s fit.  We, as human beings, are one of those manifestations.  In other words, WE, ARE, energy.  Everything in your vocabulary is a form of energy.  Your thoughts are a form of energy. Water is energy (another post upcoming) and 6060% of your body is water.  Look at a small portion of the Big Picture—–the sun60% of your body is made is made up of water.  Look at a small portion of the big picture—–the foods that we eat depends, ultimately, on plants capturing the energy from the SUN, in a process we call photosynthesis.  Heck, even fossil fuels (like petroleum) are the remains of ancient plants.  So, Energy is everything. Now take that a step further and you’ll begin to see what it is that I’m trying to convey here.  If energy is everything, and we are energy, then that means that somewhere within us, within ourselves, are the answers to every question you can possibly imagine.  Nano-technology and Quantum Physics are proving this, to an extent, every single day.  The interesting thing is that things like meditation and The Third Eye are beginning to make a lot of sense to people now because science and technology are beginning to prove their worth.  Which is one of the reasons I began this blog.  Because Metaphysics is going to be a proven fact and once that happens, the belief systems of millions and millions of humans will be profoundly affected—–changing possibilities into realities. Potential into fact.  Myths and Legends into truths.  Metaphysics into Science.  And ALL of the things like premonitions, into practices.  Spiritual Advisors will become on par with Doctors in wealth and stature. WAR will become less gruesome and more deadly.  But the one thing that is difficult to see in all of this change or evolution is the most important thing of all.  The consistency of GOD…..
dream scaperAlong with greater understanding of our Universe, and of ourselves, we will gain a greater understanding of our relationship with God——it is an absolute imperative.  Such a boom in technology and Cosmology cannot possibly be controlled without God.  Because without God in the equation we would surely destroy ourselves and our planet right along with it.  Without faith in “the pot of gold”  there is no reason to use such tempting gifts for GOOD!!  And without good intentions there comes, ultimately, WAR!  And with the kinds of advances in technology and cosmology that the world is currently experiencing, a third World War, would most certainly destroy us all.  There are many Bible scholars and Historical scholars alike, that preach that the coming of technological leaps and bounds has been predicted and has been repeated through out human history as the bane of the existence of man.  That there have already been other human societies that have reached this level of human technological advancement and that those societies have vanished from the face of the earth.—–BUT, what has not happened, is that the entire human race has never been united and informed about ALL other cultures and the intimacies of their spiritual beliefs.  If we can unite the entire world in it’s belief in “One God” for ALL humanity then the possibility of war is dramatically reduced and the potential for understanding our own immortality becomes the forefront of human endeavor——-and THAT is the beginning, the foundation, for peace on earth.  THE WHOLE THING is dependent upon the understanding of the immortality of ENERGY!!  Because everything we are and everything we know——-is ENERGY.  Energy, my friends, is the KEY to the front door of HEAVEN!!…….I am DARTANION2……and that’s the way I see it!!……..cheers………..T  xx