spinal stimulatorHi guys, sorry about the silence!!  Last surgery took me down, lots of soreness in the morning hours, disturbing sleep, etc.  I just wanted you to know, (as promised) what was going on.  Well, these last 3 surgeries were designed to give me relief with pain so that we could move to root causes and, of course, give me better quality of life.  They were unsuccessful, but I have a consult coming up which will involve more Doctors because the rarity of my disease has caught the attention of Administration at the University Hospital.  So, God, once again, is looking out for me.  Couldn’t ask for better Doctors!!  Unless I learn something new at the upcoming consult, the Spinal Cord Stimulator is on the horizon.  Something we’re all hoping will be a last resort.  It’s Major Surgery with all the trimmings!!  Hospital stay, 4-6 weeks recovery time and lot’s of testing and annoying foodstuffs.  Anyway, I have to beat the pain issue in order to manage my disease so, I guess the Implant is going to happen.  Still have my fingers crossed.  Just got off of the phone with my Doctor 10 minutes ago, looks like we’ve got a Doctor at the Mayo Clinic in New York interested in ,my case as well.  I believe everything is in line for a minor miracle.  Who knows?  God has been working so many miracles in my life lately that anything is possible.  Thanx to Kate and Georgina for keeping the comments going around here the last few days.  Kisses LADIES!!  Love you both very much!!  My computer is still acting funny but I’m going to do some shorter posts regardless, until the problem is resolved.   I hope I’ve answered questions guys.  God bless you All and special thanks to “BRAZIL”, there’s a bunch of people following this blog there….and I want you to know I see your support in my daily STAT Reports…….you guys are Awesome…….thanx so much for reading………..smiles……..tony  xx