a divine discovery

“A Divine Discovery ” a poem for my love… at Cosmofunnel.com…….my attention distracted..

the call of your smile

” The Call Of Your Smile ” artwork from google images…….written by: Tony Taylor

Hi guys, I know I have been a little lax in my attention my blog the last few days and I would like to discuss that here, with you my friends and visitors alike.  A strange transformation has taken place in my soul of late.  We like to call this magic I am experiencing Love.  I like to liken it to a divine gesture of Gods incomprehensible wisdom.  I have met a woman who has transformed my soul into a kind of light.
So much so that I have been writing the kind of poetry I never thought I was capable of.   I have commited to complete a book of romantic poetry entitled “Cherie’s Inspiration”.  100 poems in a leather bound edition which I will complete in about two weeks from today because my Love for this woman is pouring out of my soul at a speed of light I knew not, existed……….I am already approaching 70 poems……..this in less than 6 weeks and currently pouring out at a rate of 3 or 4 per day.  It has ,me completely distracted.  I apologize for my negligence but my soul has ideas of it’s own.  I am compelled to express my feelings for this woman in all of my waking moments.  METAPHYSICAL?  Perhaps, but I do believe that it is divine!!…I wish to show you now one of the latest in this book of mine with you now.  Bear in mind, that this blog will continue no matter what, but, this love has my soul, and I cannot deny it.  And you my friends need to know that I shall be better for it.   Thank you for being the coolest of the cool….I am in submission to the wisdom of the heavens my friends.
Here is one of my latest offerings……

The Call OF Your Smile

On the day of your Originality
Angels clamored
To be the one to protect you
For in your rarity
Was born
The stuff of angelic
And the most magical, of heavens
Splendor and light,
Which was given a face
Of such wintery perfection
As to grace, the smile
Of Gods seasons…..

Where your graciousness
Adorns memories
And moves, with your name
Through your hearts
And your timeless
The way crimson
And clover
Colors hill and Covers dell
With the news of your birthright
And the call
Of your smile…..

For: Cherie  ( my heart )

Tony Taylor   (Chicago )