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Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

I have spent a large part of my life searching. Searching for answers to things like whether or not it is really possible to reach alternative realities, or control your dreams, or move objects with your mind. Does God have all the answers? Will meditation help me from the confines of my body? It was Carlos Castaneda that set my soul on fire. These first three books changed my entire realm of possibilities, where my future was concerned. When first I picked them up, I devoured them. I read all three at least 3 times within a matter of days, and on the final time through I read slowly, taking notes on everything, places, names of towns, dream theory, altered states of consciousness, the very possible existence of “The Nagual”. I planned a trip to Arizona, to the small town where Castaneda met his destiny, in the form of an…

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