Hi guys……This is for my followers who responded so well yesterday to that post on Carlos…..namely BRAZIL, who have been big supporters……..this post has more info on Carlos and goes deeper into my personal experiences with altered states of consciousness…..remember to click at the bottom of the paragraph to view the ENTIRE post……..hope to be feeling better in a few days…….but this is one of my favorite posts………enjoy ………smiles…..tony

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2


    Image  So, first of all please forgive my off topic ramblings yesterday, I was preoccupied and I would like to let you know that a second surgery will be upcoming. I am fine…….Now back to it.  Have you seen the film “Altered States”  with William Hurt and Blair Brown?  I actually saw this film under the influence of psilocybin because I knew that the film dealt with the hallucinogen. But I had to be sure that my impressions of the film were not clouded by the drug so I saw it four more times within days of its debut. My attraction to the film, in the first place, came to be because of what I had observed in a friend of mine.  In those days I was reading the Carlos Castaneda books (some of the most influential books of my life) and in them “Mushrooms” were the power and “peyote” the wisdom according to the holy…

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