Hi guys, yesterday I had a conversation with my son who told me that this was his favorite post. When I looked up the stats this morning it revealed that this post was the 9th most popular of all my posts. I have decided to do more on this subject matter. I have already begun a book on the subject entitled “Mulatto Run ” so I have plenty to convey……see what happens. I am feeling soooo much better today so I hope to continue my daily morning writes on Monday, have a great Saturday and remember where faith resides, anything is possible!!……..smiles………..tony

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

marriage mixed twoHi guys, sorry I’m a little late posting.  This post is not about Seal or Heidi, it’s just the best photo I could find.  It’s interesting how few (quality) photo’s or images of black and white couples are available.  Anyway, enough said.  This post was motivated by my friend and fellow poet Curtis Longstreet, who has been urging me to post this poem.  He thought that because this piece had moved him and led him to many questions in his own life, that it would do the same for others.  I value his opinion greatly, and I am here today to touch on the subject of my life, being a child of a mixed marriage.  The poem itself expresses it quite well (I believe), but I would like to add that the story of my life is far more complicated and sweeping than the poem goes into. I was a child during…

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