Hi Guys, I’m off to my final consult with the doctors before deciding on the Major surgery of implanting the “Spinal cord Stimulator” on my spine. Hoping they’ve found another option (fingers crossed)……so, I’m leaving you with “Phenomenon” which is the most popular movie posting that I’ve done………LOVE this movie!!……I will be in touch after the news at the doctors and I will be back to my regular posts in the morning………..have a great Monday…………Hi Kate, Georgie, and BRAZIL and UK……love to you…….smiles……….tony xoxo

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

ImageSo, have you guys seen the movie, “Phenomenon”, with John Travolta and Forest Whitaker?  We’re talking about this film today because it deals with subject matter that is unproven (in humans) but accepted by most people as fact.  Also happens to be on my personal list of “films to see”.  The film deals with unexplained phenomena and specifically with, Telekinesis.  This topic is probably the most popular in all of Metaphysics and certainly the most studied, faked, and misrepresented throughout human history.  What’s great about this movie is that it humanizes telekinesis and makes it clear that people are always afraid of what they don’t understand , but when seen through the eyes of a friend, how that fear can become accepted and appreciated, by those that we know and love, no matter how outrageous the reactions of others. It also inspires some very serious questions about the potential of the human…

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