Hi guys, sorry I missed you yesterday, I had a psychological evaluation with a psychologist today, to determine whether or not I was mentally capable of handling the ramifications of having the “Spinal Cord Stimulator” implanted and attached to my spine. The results are positive and I will be proceeding with the surgery. I have the very finest surgeons and caregivers involved. I wanted to repost one of my Angel writes because I’m feeling so blessed these days. Thank you guys for being so patient with me through all of this!……..Cherie is flying in tomorrow to spend four days with me. I’m so excited…….maybe I can convince her to come on here and do a post herself…….I am so lucky and truly feeling the presence of Love all around me………thanx again, and Hello to BRAZIL and UK for keeping my numbers up…….Also a big shout out to Australia…….smiles……..tony xoxox

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

I remember, as a child, sitting in church and wondering if angels are what we become after we die. I don’t know why that idea came into my mind, probably as I prepared for my “first communion”, a Catholic Church tradition that you go through as a child raised in a Catholic family. I remember going to early Catechism classes and hearing other kids asking about angels. As far back as my mind can take me their has always been the existence of angels. What if angels ARE what we become after death? There is a very strong argument for that belief. The fact that we are all energy, (and we know this to be true), and energy, we know, is constantly evolving, then why not the next step on the evolutionary process ladder, it could be that our next vibration as we leave our bodies is that of a…

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