This is me and Cherie at Butch Maguire’s in Chicago where we watched Magic performed at our table by Lord Isaac, master magician. Where things floated in mid air as did our love of each other’s company……..

Hi guys, sorry I’ve been off the grid for a few day’s.  I have a very big surgery upcoming and before that happened Cherie and I had to meet each other face-to-face for the very first time.  It went better than expected.  I have been writing 100 poems for her where I wrote of my Love for her………but it was still just the Love we felt for one another over the phone.  When I first met her at the Airport the very first thing we did was immediately fall into one anothers arms where we held each other and felt like we were finally home.  Truly, we were both thinking the exact same thing, ” I’m finally Home!”……….the first few days together were so intense that I barely felt my chronic pain at all.  It was like being lifted above everything and just being the observer of each other.   I wanted nothing more than to be in her presence.  If we could replicate that golden feeling the world would be dancing in happiness and joy.  The visit made my soul soar and feel like nothing else existed.  If we can make those chemicals I n our brains than why haven’t we created it in pill form yet?  Because it’s not meant to be harnessed, it’s meant to be experienced by two people.  And in my case, it became apparent to all those around us that there was no faking it when it comes to sharing and radiating true love.  It is very healing, all encompassing, and contagious as hell.  It’s amazing what happens to other people when they recognize what’s going with two people in love.  There’s a lot of AWWWWW’S, and pictures taken, and holding and kissing of others, It’s amazing how popular you become when you’re in Love.  It’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder just how powerful our brain truly is.  It’s a question for Metaphysics undoubtedly.  And if that’s true then I will endeavor to discover it’s secrets, You know I WILL, I always do.  I don’t plan to demean my relationship however (it’s to engrossing) but I will say this……..if there’s something to be learned, I WILL learn it.  Anyway, just wanted you to know that Cherie has visited with me for the last 4 days and it was incredible, like magic I was healed for 4 days and I have been transported to places I didn’t realize existed.  Sharing this with you has been very helpful to me and I will most certainly have more to say about it in tme coming days………I have so much medical ins and outs coming up that her Love has prepared me in a way I could never have done on my own.  Tomorrow I will go into detail, but for now I wanted you to know just how happy I am today to be sharing it with you………….Yes!!…. LOVE does equate to happiness and healing and I am fortunate to be swimming in it’s midst…………..I am Dartanion2………..and that’s the way I see it……………..cheers…………..T  xoxo