hi guys just dealing with doctors…………one of my favorite posts, which goes into some detail about my beliefs about the Church, I am reposting today………..smiles……….tony xx

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

jesus on the crossOK, Have you guys seen the film “Stigmata” with Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne?  I have spoken of this film in an earlier post.  In fact, it was one of the posts that very few people got to see. So I thought i’d add a little more insight because I Love this film so much.  I’ve seen it 6 times and the reason I Love it is two-fold.  First, it deals with my kind of subject matter.  And second, because it is inspiring, in that it ignites my curiosity each time I see it.  What I mean by that, is that it has sent me in pursuit of information that I would not otherwise have come in contact with.
In the movie there is a scene where two priests are discussing the existence of a missing Gospel that has been kept away from this world.  It is a document…

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