I began my early career as a magician……..kinda like Johnny Carson only much less notoriety……….my room mate is a professional Magician……I worked in a Magic Shop for a while……there are magicians at my house often, so I know my subject matter. enjoy friends…………tony……T xx

Metaphysics and the Movies according to Dartanion2

So, have you guys seen this film?  One of the best, most realistic, looks at the world of Magicians ever put on film.  How do I know?  Because I began my career as an actor/performer at age seven and from 2 TV movies, at age 13, I graduated to the role of MAGICIAN.  I still hang out with magicians.  My best friend is the best close-up Magician in the city of Chicago.  I met my best friend at age 18 when I had just secured the position of, “head demonstrator” at the now defunct, CHICAGO MAGIC CENTER, which, in its day, was the oldest and best known magic shop in the city.  I had received this position because of my work throughout the Washington DC, Metro area.  By the time I was 16 I had performed at every Elementary school and public library within a fifty mile radius and had…

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