precognitionbridge of natureHey guys, it’s been a while and I just wanted to let you all know what’s been going on.  When I had my first trial with the “Spinal Cord Stimulator”  I found that I had less pain (about 50% reduction) and I was surprised and excited to have found such great relief.  Then they removed the stimulator and within hours my pain was back at full force and getting progressively worse ever since it’s removal.  Yesterday I was experiencing the worst pain of my life……my feet were literally throbbing with pain that felt like glass shards to walk on.  My nurse just left a little while ago and I took an extra narcotic so i’m floating above my pain right now and thought I’d better take advantage of this short reprieve.  Tomorrow I have the biggest Doctors appointment of my Life.   I am meeting with Dr. Konstantin Slavin at the Universtity of Illinois Neuro-surgery dept.  look him up on line if you’re curious……..he’s the one the worlds leading minds on Neuro stimulation, other Doctor’s from around the world come to study with him so I feel like I’m in the best possible hands around.  I am to receive the most advanced technology ever put into a “Spinal Cord Stimulator” and tomorrows consult will be the day that I finally get ALL the answers to questions which have been driving my anxiety crazy and causing problems with my sleep and depression.  Pain is the mind killer and I’ve been fighting my ass off for nearly three years now to finally get to this most crucial juncture.  Tomorrow we schedule the final implant date….YAY!!……..which means I’m only weeks away from relief and then rehabilitation for 2 months so that actually I can regain a huge part of my quality of life… being able to go outside on my own without fear.  Makes me wanna cry just thinking about it.  Anyway just wanted to let you know that my meditation practices have definitely helped me immensely and FAITH has helped so very much, my conversations with God have been priceless………My family and friends are ALL pulling for me………and I just wanted you to know that Metaphysics and the Movies is going to become one of the best blogs on Metaphysics available to the internet…..I have big plans for you guys and I can’t wait to get to it……..God willing that will begin soon………so much love for UK, BRAZIL< AUSTRALIA, CANADA, RUSSIAN FEDERATION< SOUTH AFRICA, USA, and so many other countries following this blog of mine……….thanx for keeping it alive throughout my down-time of late……the number of countries following this blog is now 27 and just because I haven’t mentioned you means nothing,……..the fact that you choose to spend time here with us is truly a blessing……..I do wish more of you would leave comments…..but I know that it’s been because I’ve been doing a lot re-posts lately…… here’s big hugs-n-kisses to you all and especially Georgina and Kate for all of their efforts to keep this blog viable………..and to Cherie, my inspiration……….I am Dartanion2 and that’s the way I see it…………..cheers……..tony