out of of body experiencehI GUYS!!…ok! for those of you following closely…..yesterdays visit to the hospital was long and tedious…..but I got a LOT done……….my pain levels are so high that they are hurrying the procedural efforts to get me into the place where pain WILL definitely be lessened…….January2nd I have an anasthesia testing date……..my psych evaluation has been approved…….I will have my first spinal implant surgery on January 8th and then the final PERMANENT spinal implant on January 15th………..if nothing goes wrong then I may spend one or two nights in the hospital but for the most part my recovery will take place at home with the assistance of nurses and Doctors from home health care.  My case is SO rare that members from St. Judes will be in attendance and my biopsy had to be delayed due to the immediacy of the pain problem.  I hope that gets you up to date for the moment be cause right now I would like to discuss OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES for a moment. There is so much to say about my disease i’ll have to make it a special post.  But please know that I have GREAT Doctor’s and I’m fine…….

An Out-Of-Body experience (or OBE) is typically an experience that feels like you’re floating outside or above your body, and in some cases, you can actually see yourself as you are floating above your sleeping or immobile body (known as Autoscopy).  These experiences are not to be confused with “Astral Projection” which is a learned practice dating back thousands of years. I will be doing post with Devon Laporte upcoming.  But, today I wish to convey I wish to convey a rather unusual experience of my own.  I am doing this today because I am going into the hospital on Jan. 2nd for anesthesia testing (before my upcoming surgeries) and anesthesia is a way to experience an OBE.  They can also be triggered by Brain Trauma, Sensory Deprivation, Near Death Experiences, psychedelic drugs, dehydration, sleep, and electrical stimulation of the brain.  It can also be deliberately induced but that, again, is in the realm of “Astral Projection.  OBE’s are normally spontaneous occurrences and sometimes will occur in in just an average person out of the blue.  Just happens…….no explanation.  The term Out-Of-Body-Experience was introduced in 1943 by George Tyrell in his book “Apparitions” and was later adopted by researchers as an alternative to belief-centric labels like “Astral Projection”.  The one I am going to relate is resulting from extreme physical effort most commonly reported by mountain climbers and distance runners.  The sense of bi-location I experienced personally came while skiing the Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I was doing some moguls and as I came down from the last of the series my body stayed up in the air as I watched myself skiing below myself…….there was no fear….it was like watching intensely………as though nothing else existed for about three minutes of pure enchantment. I watched myself so intensely that I recognized mistakes in my own form and technique.  It felt like a pleasant dream.  The only reason I relate this to you now is because I want you to know that I am not afraid of these surgeries…..I know that there is more to this reality…..I’m not just guessing…..I am positive….so much more to relate……but my meds are catching up with me……more tomorrow……I am DARTANION2…..and that’s the way I see it!!…….cheers…..THANX UK and BRAZIL for keeping my numbers up!!…….love you……T