god can be found“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star!  But we can understand the Universe.  That makes us something very special!” – Stephen Hawking~

I was looking up at the stars late one night, it was a beautiful black velvet sky with millions of tiny little diamonds just sitting there looking down on little ‘ol me!  I could sit and stare at the stars for hours and never get bored with them.  I have always found fascination in the night sky.  So I decided to look up a few facts about our sparkly little friends and here is what I came up with, I hope you enjoy.

The turbulent ocean of air in which we live thins out without any definite boundary, but by one international definition, space begins 100km (62 miles) above the earth’s surface.  The sky beyond seems to turn around every 24 hours- reflecting the rotation of our planet – and with the naked eye we can see the ever-changing dance of our nearest neighbors, fellow members of the solar system.  The sun, the moon, comets and 5 of earth’s fellow planets.  They move against a backdrop of about 6000 fixed stars that maintain the same position in relation to one another, far beyond these, in the remotest cosmos we can see just four faint patches that are Galaxies beyond our own.

The stars twinkle simply because of the constantly shifting atmosphere that their light passes through on the way to our eyes.  The planets actually have discs, lightrays from different parts of each disc are affected differently by the moving air and add up to give us a steady image.  Seen from space or from the surface of the airless moon planets or stars do not twinkle ~ what we see in the sky as stars are actually suns. Suns that have their own planetary systems…………[part 2 from Georgina’s Stars to come]

~the following is a poem by GEORGINA RICHARDSON~ for a very special star of her own….
There is a special star up in the night sky
That shines down on me and you
It has a special name
It’s called “LITTLE ROO”
The star had a special blessing on the night Andrew died
You will see it shining extra bright up in the heavens high
It winged it’s way to earth on 4/5/09
To carry his spirit heavenward
Now it has a very special shine
He joined our spirits now with our Lord
Now he shines down on you and me
When I look up to heaven now, he’s so plain for me to see
If you also look up
You’ll see one shining extra bright
And it will twinkle beautifully to quietly say
” Tell my mum please don’t cry
I’m with Angels now
So mum please believe, I really am ok..”

By:  Georgina Richardson (for son Andrew)

A star has been officially named after Andrew’s nickname, “LITTLE ROO” and we have a certificate with it’s number and position in the sky.  My husband Geoff sent away for the certificate as a surprise for me when we lost Andrew to cancer 4/5/09 aged 31…

This post was written by Georgie…….there are two more parts to come with amazing info on the STARS!!….Thank you G……………love you….tony