Today I`m going to talk about the mind blowing amazing strength of the power of our loving, protecting and supporting LORD! He has so beautifully created GRAVITY and ENERGY. The Moon and its gravitational pull cause the tides to occur. Our planets ENERGY is drawn from the heat of the sun. The stars affect everything in the universe! Gravity certainly is a tremendously strong and powerful force.

The energy we get from our sun is vital to all life on our planet. God created this stunning planet! Our solar system and the solar systems of each and every star, which are in fact actually suns. There are infinate trillions of stars in the universe and we will probably never be able to find out just how many stars there are in space, and don`t forget that space is continually expanding outwards!


GOD created huge clouds of dust and gas which eventually developed into neatly ordered spheres! Matter curves the fabric of the universe, and in doing so the spheres are bound together and marshalled into orbits, generating the cyclical cosmos that we witness on Earth and the journey through the yearly seasons, to the daily ebb and flow of the tides. Gravity reaches far across space and the star systems, forming galaxy clusters and superclusters which all beat out orbital rhythms on longer and longer timescales. Gravity is the creator of order and rhythm in our dynamic and turbulent universe.


Despite its reach and influence, there is a mystery surrounding nature`s great organisational force, although it`s an all pervasive-influence, it is in fact an incredibly weak force – by far the weakest force in the universe. It is so weak that we overcome it every day in the most ordinary actions without even realising it. Lift up a teacup and you are resisting the force of gravity exerted on the cup by the entire planet – Earth is trying to stop you, but it is no match for the power of your arm. The reason for this weakness is not known, and the puzzle is brought into stark relief by considering what happens when you lift up the cup.

The force that operates the muscles and holds the atoms of your body together is called electromagnetism. It is a million million million million million million times stronger than gravity, which is why you will always win in the battle against Earth. Even so we have evolved to live on the surface of a planet with a particular gravitational field strength, and evolution doesn`t produce animals with muscles and skeletons that are stronger than they need to be. Biology rarely wastes precious resources!

The centrifuge at the Royal Netherlands Air Force Physiology Department was one of the first devices built to spin humans around at spead. Its purpose is to subject fighter pilots to the G-forces they experience in combat, both for research and to be able to teach them how not to black out. Exceleration is indistinguishable from gravity and spinning around is a good way to achieve high accelerations in a small space and astronaught`s also have to go through this training. In the case of a human centrifuge machine, the acceleration is directed towards the centre of the spining arms of the machine. It is caused by the force known as centripetal force that acts on your body through the seat to keep you flying in a circle.

On the gas giant Neptune, just over seventeen times more massive than Earth, you would expect the force of gravity to be seventeen times stronger than Earth. However, Neptune`s radious is 3.89 times greater than Earth at its equator, so by using Newton`s law of gravity, you`ll find that the suface gravity on Neptune is only about 14% greater than Earth`s. Even with such a small change, if you lifted up your arm it would be 14% heavier than normal.

Next is the planet Jupiter. This planet is 318 times more massive than Earth with an equatorial radious of 11.2 times greater, the surface gravity would be just over 2.5 times greater than our planet. At 2.5G, your arms would be 2.5 times heavier than normal, which would make them very difficult to lift, (NATO requires all fighter pilots to be able to deal with the violence of 9G without passing out) we have not yet evolved to cope with the weak force of gravity at strengths much greater than those on Earth!


Hot pink waves on breathless air

That stun our vision and senses.

Crimson, violet and purple hues

Seeping deep into blue black velvet.

The sky is a palette, an artistic treasure

When the sun bids goodnight  “It`s been my pleasure!”

She hands the reins over to diamonds, majestic

They sparkle, with colours electric.

Moonlight rays all peaceful and silent

As nothing stirs in the ink black night

Till morning breathes, with shafts of sunlight.

The sky, so beautiful

A visual transition

It works hard to bring nocturnal treasure.

G xx