In World War one a soldier by the name of Jack Trayner, who lived in Liverpool, England, suffered two bullet wounds. One left a hole in his skull that refused to heal, and the other, which severed nerves which even the most skilled of surgions could not rejoin and had left him with a paralyzed and atrophied right arm. He was awarded a total-disability pension.

By 1923 Mr Trayner had begun to suffer from epilepsy, probably triggered by the head wound. He was now unable to walk. That same year he was taken on a pilgrimage by his local priest to Lourdes, France, where he was lowered into the communal bath. Four days later at home he jumped out of bed, washed and shaved himself, and walked out of the hospice unaided. After this recovery he went into business as a coal merchant which is extremely hard physical work for anyone, married his childhood sweatheart, fathered two children, and lived a normal life for the next twenty years, until his death from pneumonia in 1943. During this time the Ministry Of War Pensions, refusing to believe that someone who had been pronounced totally disabled and could become mysteriously and totally cured, continued to pay him his disability pension for the rest of his life. Although the Catholic Church refused to believe it was a miracle and they denied that it had happened to him. Although the miracle was certainly inexplicable not only to his own family but also his priest and the congregation of his local church! There certainly are more things in Heaven and Earth. God does work in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.


Lord you are our firm foundation
During the storms of life.
Your gentle heart is holds us all
In our times of pain and strife.
A treasured Father we can always turn to
When our times are good or bad
Lord we love you, and you are the greatest blessing to us
Mankind could ever have.
G xx